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Thank You For Coming: Play

Faye Driscoll, Creative Campus Fellow

In this course Driscoll worked with the student participants to engage in intensive research on the surrounding themes of the piece. The focus of this class was on intensive research for Thank You For Coming: Play. In this class Driscoll delved into narrative's complex impact on our human-animal bodies and develop choreographic methods and processes based on this research. This research fed directly into her work, Thank You For Coming: Play.

Faye Driscoll is a Bessie Award-winning choreographer and director. She has collaborated extensively with theater and performance artists such as Young Jean Lee and Cynthia Hopkins. In addition to being the recipient of awards such as the 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship and the2013 Creative Capital performing arts award, her work has been commissioned and performed nationally since 2005.

As a choreographer Driscoll often draws upon physicality that we all use and recognize in social interactions. In her works Driscoll seeks to heighten and complicate these movements in a rigorous way. Gestures taken from everyday life, the violent action of a mob, the play of persona on someone's face and body: all of these things form a vocabulary of movement that grounds her work not in the studio or the theater but in the social world we all inhabit. Starting from this common ground, Driscoll begins pulling apart the daily performance of self. Building tightly choreographed scores and scenes in close collaboration with my performers, Driscoll is interested in their fully-embodied individuality, expressed and communicated in every moment. Driscoll’s work becomes a densely layered and empathetic mirror of our reality, opening up possibilities for new perspectives, transformations, and ways of being.

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