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Ecology of Eating: Reporting from the Fields of Science and Art 


Cassie Meador, choreographer and dancer from the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, was the lead instructor in the course "ENVS 346: Ecology of Eating: Reporting from the Fields of Art and Science." It was taught in collaboration with John Finn, Professor of Government, Courtney Fullilove, Assistant Professor of History, and Andrew Szegedy-Maszak, Professor of Classical Studies. Working across the fields of art and science, this course aimed to create a physical and intellectual context in which to explore and connect the many food issues that are shaping our times. Students examined food-related stories that are finding their way to the front page, including water shortages, soil depletion, the obesity epidemic, factory farming, and alternatives to the industrial food system. They then designed creative research projects that made connections between the American food system and its impact on our natural environments, health and economy.

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