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Tropical Ecology and the Environment 


"BIOL 306: Tropical Ecology and the Environment" was an intensive course about tropical ecology and neotropical environments co-taught in Guyana, South America by Barry Chernoff, Director of the Environmental Studies Program and Professor of Biology, and Cassie Meador and Matt Mahaney of the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. This course built knowledge of and appreciation for the diversity of tropical organisms and physical environments, as well as their interactions. As part of Feet to the Fire, the course examined tropical ecology with an emphasis on the effects of global warming in the tropics from the perspectives of art and science. Students obtained firsthand experience with the tropics and with doing experiments and site specific artwork in the field. Each day, there was a combination of lectures and field exercises. The students later gathered and analyzed data about biological, physical, and environmental issues that were covered in the lectures. The habitats they explored were both terrestrial and shallow freshwater. Furthermore, the class traveled to Kaieteur Falls and other habitats to gain experience with the spectacular environmental and biological features that Guyana offers.

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