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At Wesleyan, creativity is an interdisciplinary pursuit. The goal of the Creative Campus Initiative is to elevate the arts as a means of teaching, learning, and knowing. This goal is being pursued through four program strategies:

1. Sponsoring the creation of new courses and teaching modules developed and taught by artists and academics in non-arts fields.

2. Supporting generative artists in theater, music, and dance (including faculty and visiting artists) to work with scholars and materials in non-arts areas to advance the artists' research and extend the arts into campus curricular and co-curricular life.

3. Organizing arts-based experiences for students that illuminate issues of cultural and societal concern.

4. Learning from the courses, modules, programs, and collaborations, and distributing these lessons at Wesleyan, to other academic institutions, and to performing arts presenters, arts funders, and others who can benefit from the results.


Crossing Disciplines describes our efforts to integrate artists into the curricular and co-curricular life at Wesleyan. Our initiative includes modules, courses, commissions, the Creative Campus Fellowship, and other collaborative projects, such as Feet to the Fire, that are designed to generate academic and artistic connections among students, faculty, and artists. 

This website is an opportunity to give viewers examples of how Wesleyan has been exploring the integration of artists across campus.

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