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The Center for the Arts has developed two models for pedagogical collaboration between artists and non-artists. Modules consist of two to four class sessions within an existing course where the host faculty is a non-artist and co-creates the module with an artist. The intent is to have the intellectual material taught from both perspectives where the visiting discipline is used to illuminate aspects of the subject matter and modes of inquiry that are less visible or common in the main discipline.

Essentially, the visiting discipline is a way of introducing students to different approaches to the topic or theme. Modules have served as an opportunity for faculty to experiment with using the arts in their classes and has been a successful tool for commissioned artists to explore concepts in their research. Modules provide a way for campus presenters to move beyond the typical workshop or master class conducted by visiting artists and introduce artists into the classroom in a structured way.

Fall 2007

f2ficonECON 148: The Economics of Climate Change

Instructor: Gary Yohe, Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies

Module Instructor: Ann Carlson, Choreographer

Spring 2008

f2ficonARST 436: Architecture II

Instructor: Elijah Huge, Associate Professor of Art

Module Instructor: Patricia Brennan, Ph.D. and Kristof 

ANTH 232: Alter(ed)native Approaches: Middletown Lives

Instructor: Gina Ulysse, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Guest Instructor: Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., printer/bookmaker

f2ficonE&ES 359: Global Climate Change

Instructor: Johan Varekamp, Professor & Chair of Earth & Earth Sciences

Guest Instructor: Tula Telfair, Associate Professor of Art & Art History

GOVT/EAST 382: Civil Society in Comparative Perspective

Instructor: Mary Alice Haddad, Assistant Professor of Government

Guest Instructor: Eiko Otake, Choreographer and Dancer

ARHA 362: Issues in Contemporary Art

Instructor: Nina Felshin, Adjunct Lecturer in Art & Art History

Module Instructor: Suzanne O’Connell, E&ES scientist, Michael Pestel, Musician

DANC 309: Advanced Modern Dance Technique III

Instructor: Katja Kolcio, Assistant Professor of Dance

Guest Instructor: Barry Chernoff, Professor of Earth & Environmental Studies

Fall 2008

AST 430: Astronomical Pedagogy

Instructor: Bill Herbst, Professor of Astronomy

Guest Instructor: Marion Belanger, Photographer

Spring 2009

f2ficonE&ES 170/AFAM 213: Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Instructor: Suzanne O’Connell, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science

Guest Instructor: Rachel Boggia, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance

f2ficonPHYS 105: The Physics of Sustainability

Instructor: Brian Stewart, Professor of Physics

Guest Instructor: Dic Wheeler, Artistic Director of ARTFARM

DANC 378: Repertory and Performance

Instructor: Nicole Stanton, Professor of Dance

Guest Instructor: Andrea Olsen, Professor and Chair of Middlebury’s Dance Department, Michael Singer, Assistant Professor of Biology

MUSC 521: Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies

Instructor: Mark Slobin

Spring 2010

ANTH/FGSS 207: Gender in a Transnational Perspective

Instructor: Aradhana Sharma

Guest Instructor: Hari Krishnan, Artist-in-Residence, Dance

RELI 292/PHIL 282: Reason and Revelation: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

Instructor: Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Guest Instructor: Morgan Thorson, Choreographer

Fall 2010

f2ficonTHEA 205: Prison Outreach Through Theater

Instructor: Ron Jenkins

Guest Instructor: Howard Needler, Professor of College of Letters

ARST 131: Drawing I

Instructor: Julia Randall

Guest Instructor: Morgan Thorson, choreographer

Spring 2011

ARST 432: Drawing II

Instructor: Julia Randall

Guest Instructor: Morgan Thorson, choreographer 

AMST 314: The United States in the Pacific Islands

Instructor: Kehaulani Kauanui

Guest Instructor: Kawika Keikiali’i Alfiche

ANTH 349: The Human Skeleton

Instructor: Doug Charles

Guest Instructor: Morgan Thorson

Fall 2011

f2ficonGOVT304: Environmental Politics & Democratization

Instructors: Mary Alice Haddad, Katja Kolcio

Spring 2012

f2ficonARST436: Architecture II

Instructors: Elijah Huge, Brian Stewart

COL130: Thinking Animals: An Introduction to Animal Studies

Instructor: Kari Weil

Guest Instructor: Rinde Eckert

Fall 2012

f2ficonENVS/PHIL 273: Justice and the Environment

Instructors: Professor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Feminist, Gender, and Sexualilty Studies Lori Gruen, and Jill Sigman, Founder and Creative Director of jill sigman/thinkdance

PHIL 216: Women, Animals, Nature

Instructors: Professor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Feminist, Gender, and Sexualilty Studies Lori Gruen, and Jill Sigman, Founder and Creative Director of jill sigman/thinkdance

Spring 2013

HIST 184: Sophomore Seminar: The Communist Experience in the 20th Century

Instructors: Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock, Assistant Professor of History and Russian and Eastern European Studies and Sasha Rudensky, Assistant Professor of Art

PHYS 162: It’s About Time

Instructors: Lutz Huwel, Professor of Physics and Paula Matthusen, Assistant Professor of Music

Fall 2013

ANTH 334: Emplacing the Local: Community, Place, and History in Middletown

Instructors: Sarah Croucher, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Archaeology, and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Morgan Thorson, Choreographer and Dancer

Spring 2014

NS&B 299: Waves, Brains, and Music

Instructors: Gloster Aaron, Associate Professor of Neuroscience & Behavior, and Ron Kuivila, University Professor of Music

Spring 2015

f2ficonENVS 255: Getting a Bigger Picture: Integrating Environmental History and Visual Studies

Instructors: Jennifer Tucker, Associate Professor of History, and Amy Lipton, Curator and former Director of the Fields Sculpture Park at Omi International Arts Center

f2ficonENVS 201: Research Methods in Environmental Studies: River Encounters

Instructors: Postdoctoral teaching fellow Helen Mills Poulos and Choreographer Jill Sigman


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