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Advanced Modern Dance Technique II

Assistant Professor of Dance Katja Kolcio added a module to "DANC 309: Advanced Modern Dance Technique II" that focused on points of view pertaining to how bodies/selves function, how dance skills are cultivated, and how moving bodies/people relate to the larger environment. Based on these principles, her module explored more deeply how the physical and contemplative practice of dance serves as a medium for the investigation of the environment, how an investigation of the physical landscape of body/self deepens the understanding of the environment, and how a deeper understanding of ecology/environment informs our understanding of our physicalized self.  Barry Chernoff, professor of Earth and Environmental Science, collaborated with Kolcio on the creation of the module.

"Three class modules focused attention on the nature of the body/self and our relationship to the larger social and environmental issues associated with Global Warming.  The class attempted to investigate the interdependent relationship between our living, moving selves and our living moving earth through physical and creative exploration.  Chernoff gave three lectures.  The first was an overall review of global climate change to introduce the students to the depth and complexity of the subject.  The second and third lectures were integrated with topics that were natural homologs between climate change and mind-body awareness.  Students reported that the modules on environmental awareness and global climate change helped them feel more connected to their larger surroundings while dancing. By providing information about and experiences with the earths surfaces and situation, the modules promoted greater visceral awareness, connection and sense of accountability to the environment."  

- Excerpt from Faculty Report by Katja Kolcio

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