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Environmental Justice and Sustainability


The course "E&ES 170/AFAM 213: Environmental Justice and Sustainability" explored the scientific, political, economic, climatic, and historical issues related to environmental racism and the potential impact of climate change on disadvantaged communities. Taught by Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences Suzanne O’Connell, this course was cross-listed in African American Studies. In the last 15 years, scholars have documented that people of color in all regions of the United States bear a disproportionate burden of the nation's environmental problems. Minority communities face higher concentrations of toxic waste sites and garbage dumps. In response, communities across the country have mobilized to demand less polluted environments, more green space, and increased voice in decision-making.  O’Connell co-created a module with Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance, Rachel Boggia.  Boggia taught elements of dance composition as a way to physicalize scientific principles to improve comprehension and express personal opinions and or feelings about environmental justice.

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