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Environmental Politics and Democratization


The seminar "GOVT/EAST/ENVS 304: Environmental Politics and Democratization" was taught by Associate Professor of Government and Environmental Studies Mary Alice Haddad in Fall 2011. Students focused on a single country and participated in discussions that focused on different themes related to environmental politics such as conservation, ethics, and eco-terrorism. Katja Kolcio, Associate Professor of Dance and Environmental Studies, conducted three movement modules throughout the course of the semester designed to help students become more aware of their surroundings and connect the physical and creative self to the environment. The seminar culminated in the creation of three temporary public art installations on campus that allowed the class to share with the community some of the issues they investigated in their studies, as well as spark some positive environmental action on campus.

garbage tent

Untitled, this structure was constructed out of trash as well as broken branches from the October 2011 winter snow storm that crippled parts of Connecticut for over a week.  The piece was designed for people to enter, sit and reflect on how their "garbage" can be used for other purposes. Recycled, hand-made booklets were provided for participants to write down their thoughts and responses.


Wasted, made from Solo cups used at a Wesleyan fraternity, this sculpture was created to highlight the wasteful nature of the party culture on college campuses, and to encourage students to drink out of re-usable cups to reduce waste.

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