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  • Best Buddies is a non-profit international organization dedicated creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • The Center for Prison Education Volunteer Program seeks to express solidarity with prison inmates through academic workshops that strive to provide a supportive space for ideas in prison. The Center for Prison Education also sponsors a tutoring initiative at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School.
  • Community Health Center is a private, non-profit agency located in Middletown providing primary health care and social services. Its quality health care services are available to all, and particularly to those who cannot gain access to such services elsewhere. CHC is committed to ensuring human rights and respecting human dignity; as such it strives to be a voice and vehicle for social change. Gain experience by volunteering with various programs at CHC, and meet periodically with the Health Advisor of the Career Resource Center to debrief experiences and see how it relates to potential careers in the health care field. Opportunities in 8 different programs including Miles of Smiles, the Family Wellness Center, Behavioral Health, Healthcare for the Homeless and more. Volunteers have participated in one-time wellness programs at Macdonough School, weekly interviews with patients with the Access to Care Program, administrative work such as patient chart reviews or baby sit children while their family attends medical appointments.
  • Elderly Services aims to engage Wesleyan students with older citizens of Middletown through various events and programs, benefiting both parties and establishing a positive Wesleyan presence in our community.
  • Housing and Hunger Program works with the local Northern Middlesex Habitat for Humanity chapter to coordinate student involvement with the reduction and elimination of substandard housing in Middlesex county. This includes actual building and renovation of houses and also fundraising and awareness regarding substandard housing. Assist with a food salvage program by collecting food on campus and delivering it to local organizations.
  • Let’s Get Ready expands access to college in America by mobilizing, equipping, and empowering a movement of college students helping high school students get to college. College student volunteers, called coaches, run 3-hour tutoring sessions twice a week. During these sessions, coaches help students review for the SATs, prepare a personal statement essay for the college application, and search and select schools to which they will apply.
  • Long Lane Farm is a one acre organic garden devoted to developing an educational and practical resource for the Wesleyan and Middletown communities to address the problems surrounding current practices in agriculture in the United States, namely the unnecessary use of non-renewable resources, the broken connection between farmer and consumer, the eradication of important centers of community activity, and the degraded quality of both our environment and our diet.
  • The MINDS Foundation has a persistent commitment to educating and providing resources to patients and families suffering from mental illness and neurological disorders.
  • Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO - Wesleyan) is the Wesleyan branch of the international organization Shining Hope for Communities. Formerly the Wesleyan Friends of Africa, SHOFCO - Wesleyan will connect with SHOFCO - Kenya, located in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. SHOFCO - Wesleyan, in developing this relationship, will support the projects of SHOFCO, specifically the Kibera School for Girls and the Johanna Justin-Jinich Memorial Health Clinic, both of which have enduring connections with the Wesleyan community at large. On campus, SHOFCO - Wesleyan will seek to raise awareness about the issues that Kibera faces, fundraise to support SHOFCO projects, and continue to build the relationship between Kibera and the Wesleyan community.
  • SPECTRUM - GBLOCQ (gays, bisexuals, lesbians, of color and questioning) was established in 1991. The name SPECTRUM has been adopted so that people of color who identify as transgendered, queer, asexual, or any other sexual minority are included. Spectrum seeks to provide a safe space where people can affirm their sexuality without having to sacrifice their ethnic identity and give queer students of color a voice within both the queer community and the student of color community. Our ultimate goal is to provide affirmation of our racial and sexual identities, information to the larger Wesleyan communities, and visibility within Wesleyan so that we never lose our voices again.
  • The Traverse Square After-School Program is a student run and neighborhood based initiative, providing a community setting for Middletown children who are residents of the Traverse Square housing project to receive academic and social support. Also known as the “The Center,” this program is designed to be a place where children can develop the resources to succeed in all aspects of life. Helping students with their homework is the main goal of the program, and we also offer academic enrichment, recreational activities, and Friday afternoon field trips for the students.
  • WesAmnesty: Amnesty International is a global, grass roots activist organization dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience, gaining fair trials for political prisoners, ending torture, political killings and "disappearances," and abolishing the death penalty throughout the world. AI operates independent of national politics or affiliation, economic interests, and religion, and its broad scope has made it uniquely influential in combating injustices around the globe. In 1997, it won the Nobel Peace Prize for its human rights work. Today, A.I. has over one million members in over two hundred countries. Wesleyan’s chapter profits from the broad resources of AI, but is an autonomous group without any political. Our chapter sponsors events intended to expand awareness of international and domestic violations of human rights and give people on campus a chance to send letters voicing their objection to human mistreatment.
  • The Wesleyan Farmers' Market is committed to supporting local agriculture, providing fresh, affordable, nutritious food, and building community in Connecticut. We organize farmers markets on campus the first and third Wednesday of each month from 11-2 pm in the Usdan Courtyard.
  • Wesleyan Science Outreach runs after school science clubs in local elementary schools. We want to show kids that science, and learning in general, is fun. We also want to provide positive role models. Many of Middletown’s children come from underprivileged or unstable homes and need a positive influence in their lives. We also run two annual Science Saturday events in which we bring the participating kids in science club to Wes for hands-on science fun.
  • WesReads WesMath seeks to provide support for higher level learners in the areas of reading comprehension and mathematics at the elementary-school-level. By focusing on augmenting analysis skills and improving standardized test scores, WesReads WesMath looks to open up the opportunity to take more accelerated classes in middle school to students who might not otherwise be considered for those classes.
  • WesQuisqueya: The Dominican Students Association (DSA) is an organization created to build solidarity, create awareness, provide support, and strengthen the Dominican community at Wesleyan University. We seek to achieve our goals through campus wide events that will address issues regarding the Dominican experience in institutions of higher learning. The DSA hopes to provide safe spaces for Dominican students, and those who wish to learn more about the Dominican experience, to participate in open dialogue about issues that are particularly pertinent and associated with the culture, experiences, and homeland. Furthermore the DSA will strive to expand the network of its members and make solid connections with Dominican students from a multitude of institutions. Through these connections we hope to build partnerships that will allow us to make advances towards the betterment of our people and our country.
  • Woodrow Wilson Tutoring Partnership - This intervention program serves middle school students who are failing subjects, at risk of retention, and/or in need of general and academic support. Students are identified by their team of teachers and matched one-on-one with Wesleyan students for in-school tutoring. With a major focus on building relationships across the college-middle school gap, tutors assist students with schoolwork, work to identify major issues affecting students motivation, and serve as a general support for building confidence and changing academic performance.

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