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  • The Cinema Sorcery Front aims to develop and maintain an active body of filmmakers, film scholars, and film enthusiasts, engaged particularly with modes of cinema that lack attention in the mainstream and even within the university’s existing film culture. To further the investigation of past, present, and future cinematic works distinctly outside of the mainstream, the CFS seeks to bring students together in screenings, discussions, and interaction with outside filmmakers, in a community dedicated to the understanding and progression of this ever-encompassing and ever-expanding art form. Perhaps most significantly, the CFS intends to engage its participants in active filmic production with the accessible and “personal” modes of cinema—particularly super8, 16mm, video, and small-format photography—in order to both further develop and help preserve these rapidly disappearing devices which have been so integral to the development of cinema (and long a fixture on college campuses) for a great period of time. It is the hope that through the intellectual and physical resources of the CFS, there may develop a community that may collaborate and experiment in discussion, production and criticism in an active and, above all, open body of artists and enthusiasts.
  • SWERVE(D) is a communal database of creativity showcasing the works of artists from the Wesleyan community. Any and everyone is welcome to submit works of poetry, prose, 2-d and 3-d art, photography, sound, and video in order to share what they are working on. Everything submitted will be published. We hope that this will be a resource for people who want their work to be seen and heard as well as for people who want to see and hear what other people on campus are creating.
  • Wesleyan Film Board - Students responsible for programming the weekly Film Series at Wesleyan. All films are shown in the Center for Film Studies, and on 35mm film whenever possible.

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