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  • Challah for Hunger is part of a larger organization nationwide that "raises money and awareness for hunger- and disaster-relief, through the production and sale of challah bread." Students will bake and sell challah, and the proceeds from these sales go to aid in Darfur and hunger relief. This group provides students the opportunity to make and/or buy delicious food and simultaneously support very important causes. 
  • The Composting Committee seeks to develop and run a composting system for program houses, apartments and senior woodframes. Additionally, we help educate the Wesleyan community about the many benefits of composting.
  • The Farm House Community provides community access to the food politics and farm community 
  • Housing and Hunger Program works with the local Northern Middlesex Habitat for Humanity chapter to coordinate student involvement with the reduction and elimination of substandard housing in Middlesex county. This includes actual building and renovation of houses and also fundraising and awareness regarding substandard housing. Assist with a food salvage program by collecting food on campus and delivering it to local organizations.
  • Long Lane Farm is a one acre organic garden devoted to developing an educational and practical resource for the Wesleyan and Middletown communities to address the problems surrounding current practices in agriculture in the United States, namely the unnecessary use of non-renewable resources, the broken connection between farmer and consumer, the eradication of important centers of community activity, and the degraded quality of both our environment and our diet. 
  • The Pizza Club explores the culinary possibilities of pizza and to promote community through a weekly meal.
  • The WSA Cafe is a student-run cafe
  • The Wes Homebrewers Alliance seeks  to engender and support a growing community of Wesleyan students who believe in the art and science of crafting fine beer. Our ultimate mission is to make Wesleyan beer-consumption neutral; that is, to make this school self-sufficient. Until that day is reached, we will continue to provide a place for homebrewers to unite and advance their art. 
  • WesChefs exists to promote the culinary arts within a casual and social atmosphere. We explore multicultural traditions through cooking, baking, and other types of food preparation. We foster a creative and diverse environment, with participants of all backgrounds and skill levels welcome. 
  • The Wesleyan Farmers' Market is committed to supporting local agriculture, providing fresh, affordable, nutritious food, and building community in Connecticut. We organize farmers markets on campus the first and third Wednesday of each month from 11-2 pm in the Usdan Courtyard. 
  • The Wesleyan Raw Milk Coop's mission is to provide an organization through which students can purchase and enjoy unpasteurized milk from local dairy farms. We strive to support healthy living and local agriculture through our consumption as well as provide a forum in which students can discuss the benefits of raw milk and its many uses.
  • WesWater - Through the organization Charity: Water, we pledge to bring to the attention of the student body and the community at large the fact that one in eight people in our world don't have access to clean water. Through fundraising and awareness campaigns we hope to help support the building of freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters so that those living in developing nations can have access to clean and safe drinking water. Something that we all take for granted, and something that no human can live without. 

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