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  • The Cardinal Players Pep Band recognize that a Cardinal is a much better mascot than a Purple Cow/Eph (whatever that is) or Lord Jeffrey Amherst, King of Smallpox. As such, our allegiance is to the little red bird. Because of this undying ornithological love, we play high-spirited music at football and ice hockey games, as well as any other event that involves the other nefarious members of the NESCAC. The band provides entertainment and Wes spirit (WeSpirit, ahem). The more bodies that play for us, the better we will surely sound!
  • Cardinal Sinners - As Wesleyan's oldest all-female a cappella group, the Cardinal Sinners has developed an eclectic repertoire of songs for performance on the Wesleyan campus and benefit events in the wider Middletown community.
  • Experimental Music seeks to create, explore, and appreciate the rich sonic experience that is experimental music. We aim to gather with all interested to create new sounds and aim to bring experimental musicians to campus for those already familiar with these artists, and to expand the musical experiences of those not yet aware of these types of musics.
  • Folk Revival Iniative is committed to the celebration and revival of traditional music at Wesleyan. Our focus is different forms of American folk and traditional music. We hold monthly contra dances for the community and we host weekly jam sessions. We bring musicians from New England and beyond to campus for concerts and workshops.
  • Harmoniclub's mission is to spread the wonders of the instrument that is the harmonica in all its forms. This club will provide a network of players and teachers for anyone to join, learn from, and play with. All kinds of harmonicas and harmonica players are welcome.
  • Kaze supports the creation of a Wesleyan student taiko (Japanese drumming) ensemble, also facilitating its funding and other administrative and campus-relations needs once successfully set up. These include, but are not limited to, the financial and promotional aspects of both performances by the proposed ensemble and events featuring professional guest artists/speakers. In the greater sense, we share and nurture campus awareness and love of taiko, by providing a community resource of information, exchange, and shared practice.
  • The Mixolydians is a fully mixed vocal ensemble formed with the purpose of performing, proliferating and cultivating an interest in the art of chamber works written for a small vocal ensemble. Its repertoire will range from early renaissance madrigals to lesser known works written in our century, not limiting itself to works from any one continent or genre. The Mixolydians also aims to instate a high standard of the choral art, and to explore new sonic spaces for musical and/or theatrical expression in a continuing search to re-examine the choral idioms of our time.
  • The New Group - Widely recognized as "the sexiest a cappella group on campus," the New Group is known for their friendly demeanor and fun concerts. Come see us sing!!!
  • Onomatopoeia is an all-female a cappella group composed of 15 zesty singers. We were founded in 1983. We sing a diverse blend of music from all genres, including pop, oldies, folk, and R&B. We are a democratically run group in which all members can lead, sing different voice parts, and arrange music.
  • Quasimodal is a co-ed A Capella group
  • Slavei is a group of singers devoted to bringing the beautiful and inspiring music of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Caucasus Georgia to Wesleyan.
  • The Wesleyan Spirits, the only all-male a cappella group at Wesleyan University, was founded in 1980 in an attempt to rejuvenate Wesleyan’s reputation as the “Singing College of New England.” The groups founder, Charlie North ('82), came to Wesleyan armed with several copies of the Wesleyan Black Book (a compilation of Wesleyan's traditional songs) and formed the Spirits to resurrect Wesleyan's singing past. Since that time, the Wesleyan Spirits (commonly referred to simply the Spirits) have continued to uphold the tradition of singing the “black book” songs while additionally performing an ever expanding and diverse repertoire. The group typically ranges from ten to thirteen members and holds auditions for incoming members on an annual basis at the beginning of each school year. In addition to its many performances on campus, the Spirits go on a “southern tour” each spring break; performing concerts at high schools and other venues in Atlanta as well as New Orleans. Moreover, in 2003 the Wesleyan Spirits embarked on their first international trip, spending more than ten days in Japan while putting on multiple concerts per day. Looking ahead, the Spirits hope to continue performing a wide range of musical material while maintaining Wesleyan’s singing tradition.



  • Crowell Concert Series student representatives serve as artistic advisors to the CFA on the programming of concerts for the Crowell Concert Series and Russell House Series. 
  • Music House aims to provide for Wesleyan students a supportive, creative environment for musical activity, from discussion and the exchange of ideas to performance, composition, music production, recording and appreciation.
  • The New Wesleyan Concert Committee is a budgetary committee to fund student organized musical performances.
  • Radical Performance Machine's mission is to supply Wesleyan with dynamic concerts and other performances from a variety of different cultures and traditions (including Reggae, folk, hip-hop, soul, world music and dance). From the people who brought you RJD2 and Yeasayer.
  • SWERVE(D) is a communal database of creativity showcasing the works of artists from the Wesleyan community. Any and everyone is welcome to submit works of poetry, prose, 2-d and 3-d art, photography, sound, and video in order to share what they are working on. Everything submitted will be published. We hope that this will be a resource for people who want their work to be seen and heard as well as for people who want to see and hear what other people on campus are creating.
  • The Underdog Music Collective  aims to provide funding for concert and music events which cater to the more specific tastes of the student body. This group serves as an alternative to WESU and the Social Committee by offering funding to all genres, specializing in the experimental. Past live music concerts have included Animal Collective, Weird War, Of Montreal, Phil Elvrum, Dan Deacon, Battles and Dead Meadow. These concerts are usually organized by a small group of students who wish to share their eclectic tastes with the student body. The Underdog Music Collective wishes to contribute to the long-standing Wesleyan tradition of providing interesting and experimental musical events to the always curious student body. It aims to educate, entertain, and keep Wesleyan a safe and receptive place for groundbreaking music.
  • The Underwater Music Collective's mission is to bring musical acts to campus from genres that don't appear too frequently on campus. 
  • Usdan Music Co-Op is a collective of student musicians dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Usdan Rehearsal Space. UMC seeks to create a welcoming and secure space for student musicians and bands to make art that benefits Wesleyan and the surrounding community, as well as to allow a space personal growth. The primary function of this group is to perform regular maintenance on the equipment available in the Usdan Rehearsal Space, as well as to acquire new technology to broaden opportunities for students using the room. UMC seeks to make the space a widely accessible yet secure area, with the understanding that all improvements made on the room should help to benefit the larger community of musicians at Wesleyan. 
  • The Wesleyan Social Committee aims to continue its long standing responsibility of organizing the largest free campus-wide event of the year, the Spring Fling. Traditionally Spring Fling has taken place on the first day of reading week at the termination of the spring semester. The concert provides a survey of live popular music in order to offer entertainment after a long year and promote solidarity among students. Social Committee concerts have always been free of charge and available to the entire campus. Because of the large audience, the Social Committee must always consider the gamut of taste and demands of its eclectic student body. The Social Committee also sponsors the Battle of the Bands, in which student bands compete for the opening slot at Spring Fling. This provides an opportunity for campus musicians to play for their peers in a competitive yet friendly environment. In the past, booking choices have included up and coming artists (such as Deerhoof, TV on the Radio, and the Cool Kids) important and established artists (such as GZA and the Andrew WK) and at times, overlooked older artists (such as ESG). The past events have been aimed at keeping the student body excited about all sorts of new and old music which they may not have heard before, or have heard and absolutely love. 
  • The Wesleyan Sound Cooperative aims to provide a public announcement system at a discounted price. The use and rental of this equipment is free so as to make student events (e.g. concerts, comedy nights, dance parties etc.) more affordable to various campus groups. The sound co-op does require a fee for students who work at these events setting up sound equipment and running the soundboard. The co-op also offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about and operate a standard p.a. system, a skill that is useful in a variety of careers and extra curricular activities. The co-op facilitates campus social life by providing sound reinforcement to student groups for various types of events. These include, but are not limited to: DJ parties, musical performances, open mics, speakers, panels, etc.
  • WEStudio will work to spread student music at Wesleyan by offering a place for students to record and produce their music. WEStudio also hopes to publish a Mix Tape of wesleyan musical/aural submissions, much like what Ostreninie does for literary/2D art submissions. Finally, WESTudio will try and create an online classified section for Wesleyan musicians looking to collaborate with others within the campus. 
  • WESU Events promotes WESU Middletown 88.1fm, and encouraging student and community member interaction through WESU sponsored events in Middletown and on campus. 
  • WESU-FM - Established in 1939, WESU is one of the oldest non-commercial radio stations in the United States. Now, in 2010, WESU broadcasts at the frequency of 88.1 megahertz from it's 1500-watt transmitter located atop the Wesleyan Science Tower. WESU offers an interesting mix of Public affairs and free-form music programming to discerning listeners throughout the Connecticut River Valley. 

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