Summer, 2018 

TO: CSS Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

FROM: Cecilia Miller and Giulio Gallarotti, CSS Co-Chairs

In the last month of the summer vacation, we want to give you an overview of the first week in the College of Social Studies.

We look forward to meeting you at 4:15 p.m. on Monday, September 3rd, as detailed in the CSS All College Meeting Day Schedule. That meeting takes place in the CSS Lounge on the fourth floor of the PAC.

For a complete overview of the academic year please see the CSS Calendar. 

House Fund Dues are $40.00 a semester. This will be charged to your student account.  A fee of $60.00 will also be charged to your student account for CSS Monday Lunches. You are expected to attend all the Monday Lunches. These fees are essential to support the social events that make life in the College so much richer for us all: Friday afternoon socials, evening events such as the Fall and Spring Banquets and the December Holiday Party, and the Spring Picnic.

Being part of the CSS community involves responsibilities as well as rights. Security on campus is a concern, especially late at night, so please look out for one another as you study in the CSS, at Olin, and elsewhere.  Please volunteer to help set up Woodhead Lounge for the Monday Lunches, and then to carry food back to the CSS afterwards. Clean up after yourself and others when you leave the CSS Library and the CSS Lounge. Do not leave valuables unattended anywhere on the fourth floor or in your CSS boxes. Help the CSS Administrative Assistant, the Tutors and the Co-Chairs whenever you can. Recognize that everyone in the CSS is working very hard. Be respectful of the other members of the College at all times.

We hope you will enjoy what is left of the summer. We look forward to seeing most of you in the fall. Best of luck to the Juniors who will be away next semester.



Your first Colloquium assignment is due Monday, September 3rd, the first day of classes, and the first Tutorial paper is due Friday, September 7th. To help you get a head start with the reading, we have attached the syllabi and first assignments for the Colloquium, and for your Tutorial.

Please read the "Registration Notes" for Sophomores. You have been pre-registered for the Sophomore Colloquium (CSS 271) as well as your first Trimester Tutorial for which you have been assigned (either CSS 220, 230 or 240). You will also register for one other, non-CSS course.



Please read the "Registration Notes" for Juniors. If you are planning on being away for the Fall Semester, please let us know where you will be by sending an e-mail to



Please read carefully the "Registration Notes" for Seniors and the attached schedule for Senior Thesis and Senior Essay important dates. It is your responsibility to meet these deadlines. 

A few of you are not yet Stage I or Stage II compliant with regard to the General Education Expectations. As you know, it is mandatory for all CSS seniors to be Stage I and Stage II compliant in order to graduate from the CSS. If you have not yet met this expectation, you should submit a plan to Martha, to complete Stage I/Stage II of your Gen Ed expectations.

In sum, if you have not already done so, or if you are altering your plan for Stage I/Stage II, please submit your plan (or revised plan) via e-mail to by Wednesday, September 5th.