Jim Dine Curatorial Internship

The Jim Dine Curatorial Internship enables students to learn about museum work hands-on at the DAC. Originally this consisted of an intensive internship offered in some summers; it now more often entails several hours per week during the academic year. Endowed by John R. Jakobson (B.A. Wesleyan 1952, LL.D. 1989, Trustee 1971–1985) in honor of his friend Jim Dine (whose work is well represented in the DAC collection), this internship enables students to work with close guidance by museum staff. The Jim Dine Curatorial Interns to date have been:

  • 2018: Sara Kim (class of 2019) and Riley Richards (class of 2021), working on a wide range of museum operations
  • 2017: Sharifa Lookman (class of 2017), Sonya Torres (class of 2017), Melissa Joskow (class of 2018), and Sara Kim (class of 2019), working on a wide range of museum operations
  • 2016: Sharifa Lookman (class of 2017) and Sonya Torres (class of 2017), working on a wide range of museum operations
  • 2014: Sewon Kang (B.A. Wesleyan 2014) and Rebecca Wilton (B.A. Wesleyan 2015), working on a wide range of museum operations
  • 2013: Sewon Kang (B.A. Wesleyan 2014) and Grace Kuipers (B.A. Wesleyan 2014), working on a wide range of museum operations
  • 2011: Sarah La Rue (B.A. Wesleyan 2012), working on acquisitions object descriptions, print inventory, and curatorial research
  • 2004: Sophie White, assisting with a wide range of curatorial work
  • 2002: Eric Crosby (B.A. Wesleyan 2002) and Rachel Gooze (B.A. Wesleyan 2002), working on special exhibitions projects
  • 2000: Timothy Peterson (B.A. Wesleyan 2000), working on catalog descriptions of a major gift of Jim Dine photogravures
  • 1999: Caitlin Lang (B.A. Wesleyan 1999), working on collections storage-location reapportionment
  • 1995: Deborah Stutz (B.A. Wesleyan 1996), working on collections inventory
  • 1994: Rob Lancefield (B.A. Wesleyan 1982, M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 2005), working on collections inventory

Wesleyan students interested in museum work are encouraged to contact the DAC Curator about the internship program.