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JULES DASSIN: From Middletown to Hollywood and beyond

Apri 25th


1960. Greece/USA. Dir: Jules Dassin. With Melina Mercouri, Dassin. 91 min. 

Opa! In this lively comedic fable of American arrogance, a pretentious yank (the director himself) visits a Greek fishing village and tries to reform a popular local prostitute to his standards of intellectual grandeur. But that Hellenic Holly Golightly and the lusty locals might have a thing or two to teach him instead. Dassin series introduction by Middletown Mayor Dan Drew.

April 30th


1947. USA. Dir: Jules Dassin. With Burt Lancaster, Hume Cronyn. 98 min. 

The harshest of Dassin’s socially conscious films noir concerns prison inmates suffering under a power-mad security chief who pushes institutional cruelty to the point of sadism. The imprisoned men reflect on their former lives as they channel their present frustration into a risky escape attempt. Co-sponsored by the Center for Prison Education.

May 2nd


1955. France. Dir: Jules Dassin. With Jean Servais, Carl Möhner. 122 min.

Four men devise an elaborate plot to rob a jewelry store, but tensions arise as plans start to go awry. This canonical caper flick builds to one of the most nail-biting heist scenes you’ll ever see, played out in total silence. Take careful notes: If that grad school thing doesn’t pan out, you can always fall back on a life of crime.

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