For Majors


To fulfill the major, students must complete satisfactorily:
  •     Two Gateway Courses. Film 304: History of World Cinema to the 1960s and Film 307: The Language of Hollywood: Styles, Storytelling, and Technology
  •     One basic production course Film 450: Sight and Sound Workshop or Film 451: Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  •     Film 414: Senior Seminar
  •     A minimum of six history/theory electives

Students must complete at least ten Film Studies courses (four required, six history/theory electives) to fulfill the major.

Note that there is a LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF PRODUCTION CLASSES you can take. You MUST take an introductory production class: Sight and Sound or Introduction to Digital Filmmaking to complete the major. In addition to that you can take ONE additional production class (FILM 454:Screenwriting, FILM 453:Digital Animation, FILM 386:Documentary Filmmaking, etc.). If you intend to make a Senior Thesis, you can do that as well. A Senior Thesis will count as two more production credits (one Fall and one Spring of your Senior year). Altogether, you can take Sight and Sound or Introduction to Digital Filmmaking, an additional production class, and the two Sr. Thesis Film credits. You can NEVER take more than FOUR production credits, and the only production credit that counts towards completion of the major is your required introductory production course.

If you do NOT make a Senior Thesis production you may take three production courses in addition to the required class. You can NEVER take more than FOUR production credits.