Changes in Financial Situation/Appeals

Applying for Financial Aid Subsequent to Admission

Students that apply to Wesleyan and indicate that they will not be seeking financial assistance will not be eligible to receive Wesleyan financial aid until the student has been enrolled for one year at the university.

If an incoming student would like to apply for financial aid after he/she receives their admission letter, they are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss whether we are able to consider their special circumstances.


Wesleyan's goal is to provide those families that seek assistance with a financial aid award for the academic year that is our most complete and final review of your need for aid. However, circumstances may arise for a family that are not readily apparent in the information gathered as part of the application and awarding process. In some instances, a further evaluation of a student's eligibility for need-based funding may be appropriate. In such cases, we may require additional information/documentation to determine if an adjustment to the financial aid award is warranted.

Typically, appeals are as a result of a change/loss in parental income or significant unreimbursed medical expenses. While these are not the only areas of appeal, Wesleyan will only address special circumstances that affect a family's ability to contribute; not their willingness. Items such as credit card debt, weddings, car/mortgage payments, etc. are not considered special circumstances that would be reviewed.

Wesleyan does not "negotiate" financial aid awards nor do we match financial aid awards offered by other institutions.

For more information or to discuss a student's financial aid award and changes in the family's circumstances, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Changes in Enrollment Status

Financial aid awards usually are made for the full academic year. Receipt of financial aid funds is contingent on your being enrolled as a full-time student at Wesleyan. If you fall below full time enrollment, federal and institutional aid will be reduced accordingly. If you are enrolled for only one semester, you will receive only one-half of your award, including loan.

If you anticipate a change in your enrollment status, contact the Office Financial Aid to receive information on how your award will change.

Leave of Absence

Students on non-academic leave, independent study and Education in the Field are not eligible to receive financial aid. Students who take leaves for periods longer than six months will be required to begin repayment of student loans. Contact the Student Loan Office or the Office of Financial Aid for information on loan repayment during leaves.

Students returning to Wesleyan must contact their class dean and then complete the financial aid application process.  The class dean will contact the Registrar and then the Registrar officially notifies the Wesleyan community, including the Office of Financial Aid. Eligibility for aid will be determined upon receipt of this official notification.