The Cost of Attendance is used to help students and their families plan for the direct and indirect costs associated with attending Wesleyan University. Direct costs are items charged directly by the university to the student bill. Indirect costs are items not charged on the bill, but expenses a student will most likely incur while attending the university. Actual indirect expenses may vary.

  • Cost of Attendance for 2022-23


    Freshman  & Sophomores

    Juniors & Seniors

    Tuition $63,722 $63,722
    Student Activity Fee $300 $300
    New Student Matriculation Fee $300 $0
    Green Fund (optional)* $30 $30
    Residential Comprehensive Fee $18,180 $18,906
    *Books & Supplies/Personal Expenses $2,670 $2,670
    TOTAL: $85,202 (frosh)/$84,902 (soph) $85,628

    *Indirect Expenses: While estimates for books & supplies and personal expenses are included in the cost of attendance budget, these costs are not billed by Wesleyan. Travel is also an indirect expense that is included in a student’s cost of attendance, however, the cost can vary from student to student.

    Additionally, new students entering Fall 2022 will have a one-time matriculation fee of $300.

    All students will have an optional Green Fund Fee of $30/year to fund sustainability projects on campus. (Opt out link available in WesPortal through the last day of drop/add each semester)