Job Posting

Job Title: Summer Farmer
Date: 4/1/19
Employer: Wesleyan Dining by Bon App├ętit
Address: Long Lane Farm, 243 Long Lane
Qualifications/Description: Long Lane Farm is seeking self-motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and hard working applicants for our summer farm positions. As a small independent group of summer farmers, you will be responsible for collaboratively managing our two-acre student-run farm. Through training during the Spring semester and firsthand experience, you will learn the skills necessary for day-to-day farming as well as for the long-term decision making and planning that is involved in running a farm. You will also have freedom to experiment and explore your own farming interests. No prior experience necessary!
Department Hours: Sunup--Sundown Hours/Week: 40
Start Date: May 20th Hourly Rate: $11.00
Time Period: Summer
Contact: Paul Erickson
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Paul Erickson
Job Number: BA104