Job Posting

Job Title: Instructional Media Services Technician
Date: 2/13/19
Employer: Information Technology Services
Address: 222 Church Street

Student Workers, after completing ITS provided computer and support skills training, will provide technical support to faculty and staff, perform routine classroom maintenance, and assure proper care functionality of media in classrooms, meeting rooms, and technology labs. Additionally, students will provide technical support for events on campus such as sound system set up, audio/visual recordings, and webcasts. Students will have opportunities to specialize skills in post production using Final Cut Pro, and have the opportunity to advance in positions to become managers within Instructional Media Services. 

Please apply using this application,
Department Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 8 pm Hours/Week: 8-10
Start Date: March 2019 Hourly Rate: $11.00
Time Period: Full Year
Contact: Adis Halilovic
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Steve Alvarez
Job Number: ITS109