Job Posting

Job Title: Lifeguard
Date: perm
Employer: Northern Middlesex YMCA
Address: 99 Union Street

A lifeguard’s primary responsibility is to care for the safety of the public at the pool and throughout the YMCA facility by using preventative and responsive rescue, first aid and CPR/AED techniques. Lifeguards are also responsible for the basic physical upkeep of the pool area when such duties do not interfere with the surveillance of the water. Regardless of other duties, lifeguards should always be scanning the water when patrons are swimming.

Department Hours: 5am-9pm Hours/Week: 5-10
Start Date: 9/6/16 Hourly Rate: $10.10-12
Time Period: Full year excluding summer
Contact: Nicholas Dionne
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Nicholas Dionne
Job Number: YMCA95