Available Positions

Athletics/Physical Education

Job TitleDepartmentHourly RateTime PeriodDate
LifeguardAthletics$11.00 and upFull Yearperm
Intramural RefereeAthletics$11.00Full Yearperm

Community Service

Job TitleDepartmentHourly RateTime PeriodDate
Administrative AssistantOddfellows Playhouse$11.00Full Year, excluding summer12/13/19
Classroom AssistantNeighborhood Preschool$11.00Full Year (excluding summer)8/28/19
CHC Project Echo Work Study PositionCommunity Health Center$11.00Full Year (excluding summer)10/8/19
Even Start - Classroom WorkerOffice of Community Service$11.00Full year excluding summerperm
Museum Floor StaffKidcity Children's Museum$12.00Full Year excluding Summer9/12/19
LifeguardNorthern Middlesex YMCA - Aquatics$13-15Full year excluding summer9/3/19
Media/Marketing SpecialistOddfellows Playhouse$11.00Full Year, excluding summer12/13/19
Teaching AssistantOddfellows Playhouse$11.00Spring Semester12/13/19
Tutor - Cross StreetOffice of Community Service$11.00 and upFull year excluding summerperm
Tutor - Cross Street ChurchOffice of Community Service$11.00Full Year excluding summerperm
Tutor - IndividualOffice of Community Service$11.00Full year excluding summerperm
Tutor - Traverse SquareOffice of Community Service$11.00 and upFull year excluding summerperm
Tutor - WesReads and WesMathOffice of Community Service$11.00 and upFull year excluding summerperm
Tutor - Wes Univ Middle School Tutoring ProgramOffice of Community Service$11.00 and upFull year excluding summerperm
OCS Van DriverJewett Center for Community Partnerships$11.00Spring Semester01/09/20

Department Assistant (General skills necessary)

Job TitleDepartmentHourly RateTime PeriodDate
Equity and Inclusion internEquity and Inclusion$11.00 Full Year9/19/19
CFA Events InternCenter for the Arts$11.00Full Year8/1/19
Operations AssistantOffice of Advancement$11.25Winter Break and Spring Semester12/11/2019
Publishing InternWesPress$12.00Summer Semester10/31/19
Compost InternSustainability Office$11.00Spring 2020/Fall 202012/13/19
Sustainability CoordinatorSustainability Office$11.00Spring/Fall 2020, Spring 202112/13/19
Summer Sustainability Office AssistantWesleyan Sustainability Office$11.00Summer1/22/20
CFA Tech Crew Center for the Arts$11.00Fall Semester7/19/19
ITS Web Projects Student AssistantInformation Technology Services$11.00Full Year12/13/19

Department Specialist (Requires skill or experience)

Job TitleDepartmentHourly RateTime PeriodDate
Academic Peer AdvisorAcademic Advancement$11.00Full Year 1/22/20
Costume Collection Student ManagerTheater$12.00 and upFull Year9/3/19
Costume Shop ApprenticeTheater$11 and up, variable with experienceFull Year9/3/19
Instructional Media Services Classroom Support and Special Event's TechnicianITS/IMS$11.00Fall Semester8/22/19
Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship InternPatricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship$12.00Full Year8/1/19
NSO Peer AdvisorAcademic Advancement$11.00During New Student Orientation, with a few days or training before pre-orientations begin1/22/20
Teaching AssistantComputer Science$11.00 Fall Semester7/31/19
Theater TechnicianCenter for the Arts$11.00Fall Semester07/19/19
Usdan Operations SpecialistUsdan Operations$11.50Full Year9/12/19

Dining Service

Job TitleDepartmentHourly RateTime PeriodDate
Student WorkerWesleyan Dining by Bon App├ętit$11.00Full Yearperm

Research Assistant

Job TitleDepartmentHourly RateTime PeriodDate