Student Employment for Supervisors & Employers

All student positions on campus and at established off-campus agencies are required to have position descriptions available for each type of position student workers fulfill entered into the Handshake system. This requirement, effective with the Fall 2020 semester, is true regardless of whether the student work is funded via federal work-study, institutional term-time employment, or is a non-work-study position.


Handshake Access: Supervisors must set up a training session to be given access to the Handshake system.  Please email to set up a one-on-one training session.

To sign into Handshake: 

This link is also available in the WesPortal as 'Employer Handshake Login' within the Employee Information drop down.


Handshake Tutorials

  • Entering a new job description into Handshake
    Click on the 'Post a Job' button on the Handshake landing page or 'Create Job' from the 'Jobs' page.
    1. Basics
      1. Where should students submit their application?
        1. Always: 'Apply in Handshake'
      2. Job title
        1. Format: Department Name - Job Title
      3. Display your contact information to students?
        1. Always: 'Name only'
      4. Job Type
        1. Always: On Campus Student
      5. Employment Type
        1. Always: Part-time (excluding summer)
      6. Duration
        1. Always: Temporary / Seasonal (even if you allow students to return, all jobs are technically only for one academic year)
      7. Start date/End Date
        1. These dates should be set for the duration that students might work.  If the position covers the entire academic year, the dates for the 20-21 academic year are:
          1. Start date: August 31, 2020
          2. End date: May 14, 2021
      8. Is this a Work Study job? 
        1. Always: No (This functionality is not worked.  It will be up to the employers/supervisors to confirm with students or the Financial Aid Office if a student has work-study or term-time eligibility.)
    2. Details
      1. Description
        1. This field is for the job description.  All descriptions will need to meet the criteria of the job description template in the near future.
      2. Job role(s)
        1. This is a functionality of Handshake that we do not use but cannot bypass.  Select the most accurate role knowing it does not have to be perfect and/or accurate.  Some of the most prevelant for students workers at Wes include:
          1. Athletes, Coaches, Umpires, and Related Occupations
          2. Audio, Video, and Sound Engineering Technicians
          3. Cashiers and Counter Clerks
          4. Computer User Support Specialists
          5. Customer Service Representatives
          6. File Clerks
          7. Fundraisers and Fundraising Managers
          8. General and Miscellaneous Office Clerks and Administrative Support Workers
          9. General and Miscellaneous Secretaries and Adminsitrative Assistants
          10. Graphic Designers
          11. Library Assistants, Clerical
          12. Lighting Technicians
          13. Marketing Managers and Specialists
          14. News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists
          15. Residential Advisors
          16. Retail Salespersons
          17. Set and Exhibit Designers
          18. Teaching Assistants, Postsecondary
          19. Tour and Travel Guides
          20. Tutors
          21. University Student Researchers
          22. Writers and Authors
        2. How many students do you expect to hire for this position?
          1. Enter the highest number of students you may hire for any given position.  You may not reach this number but it gives students an idea of others that may be doing the same work.
        3. Approximate salary
          1. Always: Paid
          2. Hourly wage minimum must be at least the CT State minimum wage which is $12 as of September 1, 2020.
        4. Job location
          1. This is the Google street address for your department or office.  You cannot include a building name.  We recommend including a more detailed location of your department or office in the job description to include at least the building name or office number.  Note that this will be a requirement of the expanded job description in the near future.
        5. Allow remote workers
          1. Check this radio button if students are not required to be in a specific location to complete their tasks or if student employees are allowed to work remotely during the COVID pandemic.
        6. Required documents
          1. No documents can be required through Handshake.  Please leave all boxes for required documents unchecked. You can request these documents but must do so outside of Handshake.   Please see the 'Applicant status auto messaging' drop down for instructions for setting up automated emails that can be sent to all applicants to remind them of the extra step(s) that they may need to take.
      3. Preferences  Preferences are only for jobs that are posted live and to notify you if a student has met certain criteria.  It will not prevent other students from applying but will give you a quick method of filtering applicants.
        1. Graduate Date Range
          1. Should not be used as students must be currently enrolled.
        2. School years
          1. Can be used for freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors.  The other levels do not apply as Handshake is for undergraduate students only.
        3. Minimum GPA
          1. Cannot be used.  Students cannot be hired based upon their academic progress.
        4. Major categories
          1. Can be used to determine if a student has declared a specific major.  Keep in mind that Wesleyan students do not declare their major until their junior year so this information will not be available for freshman or sophomores.  To see a full list of the Wesleyan specific majors, click on 'Choose a specific major by school', select Wesleyan University and you will be given a list of our specific majors.
        5. Applicant package recipients
          1. The applicant package recipient will default to the person entering the job description.  However, you can add anyone found in the dropdown that has attended a Handshake training session.  If the alternate contact person has not yet attended a Handshake training person, please have them email to get connected.  Please note that only Wesleyan University employees will be granted access to Handshake as an employer.  If you want student supervisors to be notified of students that have applied for a position, the Wesleyan employee receiving the email notifications will need to forward student names to the student supervisors.
      4. Schools
        1. To connect your job entry to Wesleyan University, please select Wesleyan from the school drop down list.  You will need to start typing Wesleyan as the list will only show the first part of the alphabet.
        2. A secondary line will appear with our shield logo and name.  Do not use the global apply and expiration dates.
        3. The 'Interview on Campus' radio button is for off campus employers and should remain unchecked.
        4. Apply Start Date
          1. Enter the date that you wish to have a job posted live for students to see and apply for.  If you are requesting to have the position posted immediately, you can leave the start date with the automatic date and time entered.
        5. End Date
          1. Choose a date further out then you think you might need to find a student that fits your needs.  It is easier to expire a position earlier then it is to repost a position that has expired.
      5. Preview
        1. The preview screen shows you what your job posting will look like to students.
      6. SAVE
        1. All job entries must be approved by our office.  We will confirm whether a job needs to be posted live for students to apply or whether the information is being entered into the system but the position is already filled.
  • Hiring students

    If you are hiring a student that applied through Handshake, please follow the manage applicant status tutorial for updating student's application status.

    For students hired outside of the Handshake system; such as students returning to a position or hired through your current process, please notify us through this form so that we can manually connect the student(s) with your position(s) in Handshake.

    Please see the 'Applicant status auto messaging' dropdown for messaging options to notify students that were not hired/declined.