We have compiled the most pertinent information and questions pertaining to the employment of Wesleyan students through the Federal Work-Study and Term-Time Employment processes.  Note that, in some instances, there is differing information for on campus and off campus employers.  Be sure to review the appropriate information.

Please send any suggestions, comments, or concerns to work-study@wesleyan.edu.

  • Posting & Removing Positions on the Student Employment Website

    Use the form on the Posting & Removing a Position page to submit information regarding a newly available position to be posted to the Available Positions webpage.

    • Be as specific as possible. This is often the quickest and easiest way for students to get a better understanding of what exactly you are looking for. By providing detailed information on necessary requirements (such as specific time/scheduling needs and technical experience) you will narrow down the pool of applicants to only interested and qualified students.
    • You can post as little or as much as you would like. You may want to take this opportunity to describe what your office/department/agency does, as well as what the requirements of the specific position requires. This type of approach may make your job more appealing to a student interested in working in a specific area.        
    When a position that is posted has been filled, notify our office through the Posting & Removing a Position form.  We are trying to keep the Job Postings as accurate as possible. By removing filled positions from the website, students will view only open positions. In addition, this will help prevent students from continuing to contact you about the availability of a filled position
  • On Campus - Determining a Student's Eligibility

    Students who are eligible for the 50/50 wage split may be covered under the Federal Work-study program or the Institutional Term-time Employment program.  For supervisors, these programs work exactly the same and have maximum eligibility of up to $2,750 ($1,375 per semester) for the year. 

    All hours worked during the academic year will draw against a student's work-study allotment. This includes Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Intersession and Spring break. Hours earned during Intersession/Winter Break would draw from a student's spring allotment (i.e. the fall semester ends on the last day of exams during the fall semester). Earnings following the last day of exams in the spring semester would not draw from a student's spring allotment, since this date signifies the end of the academic year.

    To determine a student’s eligibility, access the PeopleSoft HRMS system through your WesPortal. You will then navigate to:

    Main Menu>Wesleyan menu>Student Payroll>WS Awards and Earnings – Dept. 

    Searching by the student’s Wes ID number, you will use this same location to check for both Work-study and Term-Time eligibility.  Eligibility will be broken down by semester and will relay the status of a student’s eligibility.

    Award Amt: full amount

    Award Ern: amount earned to date

    Award Bal: remaining eligibility

    If there is no allotment in the system, the student is ineligible for the wage split and employers will be responsible for 100% of the student’s wage.  Note that the eligiblity amount indicated includes the full hourly wage that is earned that will be charged against the eligibility.  If a student has $1,375 in eligibility, they can only earn a total of $1,375 before wages are covered 100% by the employer.  To clarify, an eligiblity amount of $1,375 includes $687.50 paid by the government and $687.50 paid by the employer. 

    Please note that the breakdown will not be available until the second day of classes.  Up until this date, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can advise of a student’s upcoming eligibility.

  • Off Campus - Determining a Student's Eligibility

    Students who have Federal Work-Study are the only students that are eligible to work off-campus and receive the 50/50 wage split.  Students with Term-Time employment cannot work off campus and receive the wage split through Wesleyan.  Please confirm with our office to make sure they have Federal Work-Study and not Institutional Student Employment before a student starts work.  To determine a student’s eligibility, please email studentemployment@wesleyan.edu with the student’s name and Wesleyan ID (if available).

    Note that the eligiblity amount indicated includes the full hourly wage that is earned that will be charged against the eligibility.  If a student has $1,375 in eligibility, they can only earn a total of $1,375 before wages are covered 100% by the employer.  To clarify, an eligiblity amount of $1,375 includes $687.50 paid by the government and $687.50 paid by the employer. 

  • Suggested Pay Rates

    As of October1, 2019, the Connectict State minimum wage is $11.00 per hour. 

    The following table shows the recommended student wage schedule.  This table is a guideline only and not a requirement for the hourly rate of student employees.  Please note: a student's hourly rate should be based upon the level of skill required for the particular position and is ultimately determined by the hiring department.


      of Experience   





















    The Connecticut State minimum wage increase schedule is as follows:

    • $12.00 on September 1, 2020;
    • $13.00 on August 1, 2021;
    • $14.00 on July 1, 2022; and
    • $14.00 on June 1, 2023.
  • On Campus - Student Payroll Set Up
    It is the combined responsibility of the student and supervisor to ensure that the student has completed the neccessary paperwork with the Payroll Office before a student works any hours.  Supervisors should refer domestic students to the Payroll Office to confirm that they have completed the required documentation.  International students should be referred to Janice Watson, the Coordinator of International Student Services to verify their employment eligibility.
  • Off Campus - Student Payroll Set Up
    It is the responsibility of the  supervisor to ensure that the student has completed the neccessary paperwork for the Payroll Office before a student works any hours.  Supervisors should contact the Student Employment Office at studentemployment@wesleyan.edu or 860-685-2800 to confirm a student has completed the required documentation before starting work.
  • Students with Multiple Jobs

    It is the combined responsibility of the student and employer to be aware when a student has more than one position on campus that is utilizing their Federal Work-study or Term-Time Employment eligibility for the 50/50 wage split.  Employers should not rely on their students to advise them when they have more than one position, as it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to be aware of a student’s eligibility. 

    When a student has more than one position, their wage split eligibility is utilized on a first come, first serve basis and is not divided between employers.  For instance, if a student works 7 hours for job A and 5 hours for job B both at $10.10 per hour for 15 weeks (approximate length of the semester), job A will have utilized $1,060.50 and job B will have utilized $757.50 for a total of $1,818.00.  

    There are two important takeaways from this example.  First, be sure to be aware of the student’s hourly wage in other positions as this may affect how much is being utilized on a weekly basis. 

    Secondly, if a student works only 12 hours per week, they will already utilize more than the maximum allotment a student can have for the semester. Any overage will be the responsibility of the employer to cover at 100% of the hourly wage.

    For on campus employers:

    When entering a student’s hours into the PeopleSoft system, a small window will pop up for students with multiple positions on campus to serve as a reminder to be aware of a student’s eligibility on a weekly basis. 

    To learn more about entering hours into the PeopleSoft system, please refer the ‘On Campus Time Submission’ drop down.

    To learn more about reviewing a student’s eligibility, please refer the ‘On Campus Federal Work-study and Term-Time Employment’ drop down.
  • Employee Training Checklist

    When students are hired, they become an important member of the work unit.  Here are some training and orientation tips to get started:

    Office Tour

    • Office introductions
    • Where to store coats and bags
    • Location of supplies
    • Coy/Fax machine introduction
    • Job expectations



    • Important numbers
    • Taking and relaying messages
    • Transferring calls
    • Personal phone use; cellular and land line



    • Log in information
    • Introduction to frequently used programs
    • Computer usage related to office specific policies or guidelines


    Office Etiquette

    • Dress code
    • Hours of operation
    • Office policies and procedures
    • Daily duties
    • Communicating with coworkers
    • Visitor’s policy
    • Breaks
    • Expectations of professionalism
    • Expectations of confidentiality
    A confidentiality agreement can be used in offices where the personal information of others can be accessed, viewable, or overheard by student employees.
  • Supervisor Rights and Responsibilities

    Supervisor rights

    It is reasonable for student employers to expect student employees to:

    • Report to work on time
    • Follow the agreed work schedule
    • Adjust work hours only with timely notification
    • Provide quality work
    • Provide quality customer service
    • Provide notification of limitations so that accommodations might be made.


    Supervisor responsibilities

    A review of the general work performance standards is listed below.  Departments may have more specific requirements for their employees.

    •  During a job interview, it is essential that the Supervisor clearly explain the job responsibilities, performance expectations, pay rates, and work schedules associated with the position.
    • Provide the appropriate training and workspace for each student employee.
    • Notify the Student Employment Office when positions become open, closed, or altered in any way.
    • Be certain the timesheets are accurately submitted to the Payroll Office on a timely basis. The Supervisor certifies that the student has actually worked all hours reported.
    • Inform a student about work performance through verbal communication or performance evaluation.

    Any student that does not meet the departmental work expectations may be terminated at the request of the employing department.

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

    As student employees, there are many rights and responsibilities for employment on campus.  These should be taken seriously, as they are now part of the work unit.  The same information was presented to students on the student FAQ page.

    • Time management skills are essential as the student employee should always report to work on time.
    • Adhere to supervisor guidelines regarding unscheduled time off from work. Employers rely on student employees to help meet many office deadlines and need to be notified of changes to the expected schedule.
    • Student employees have the right to know what is expected of them on the job.
    • Student employees have the right to bring to the attention of their employer any problems or concerns that may arise concerning the job.
    • Perform the duties assigned to the best of their ability.
    • Dress appropriately for the job as specified by their employer.
    • Give employers one-week notice if they are resigning.
    • Student employees must observe confidentiality policies of the employing department.
    • Sign in and out every time they work indicating the actual hours worked and submit the completed timesheet to the supervisor every Friday. (Those timesheets handed in late will be paid in the next payroll week and will not be eligible for work-study or term-time wage split which can result in termination or loss of hours.)
    • Student employees must notify the supervisor of any job-related accident.
    • If the student does not meet the employing department’s expectations, the student may be asked to resign.
  • On Campus - Time Submission

    The deadline for submitting student hours for the week is at 12:00 pm (noon) on the following Tuesday.  Any hours submitted after this time will need to be entered through the Retro Student Hours option (Student Payroll>Retro Student Hours) and will NOT be eligible for the 50/50 wage split.  Any hours submitted through the Retro option will be paid 100% by the department.

    For supervisors of off-campus positions, please submit student hours using the Student Earnings Form on a weekly basis.  Please contact studentemployment@wesleyan.edu to request the form if needed.

    To enter a student’s weekly hours to the Payroll Office, access the Student Time Reporting option in your WesPortal. You will then navigate to: Student Payroll>Student Time Entry (by Dept).

    Once you have located your department by department number (not by name), you can add and remove students to submit their hours.  If you do not have students already listed or have questions about submitting hours, please contact the Payroll Office at payroll@wesleyan.edu.

  • Off Campus - Time Submission

    Off-campus employers will submit student time sheets to the Student Employment Office on a weekly basis.  The newly revised off-campus student time sheet is an editable PDF available at http://www.wesleyan.edu/finaid/employment/octs.pdf.

    Time Submission Deadline

    To be eligible for the 50/50 wage split during the fall and spring semesters, student time sheets must be forwarded to studentemployment@wesleyan.edu by 11 am on the Monday following the work week.  For instance, a time sheet for week ending 9/9/19 should be submitted on Tuesday, September 11th by 11 am.  This allows our office time to review and submit time sheets for our 12 pm deadline to the Payroll Office. 

    When submitting hours for a work-study student, please forward a copy of the excel spreadsheet to studentemployment@wesleyan.edu.  Our office will review, approve, and submit time into the Payroll system.  Please do not forward timesheets directly to the Payroll Office.

    For each of the students whom you are submitting hours, the following information needs to be entered on the appropriate lines:

    • Position number: same for each student.  Please contact our office if you are unaware of the position number for your office.
    • Period & Payroll End Date: These dates should reflect Sunday of the work week which runs Mon to Sun. For instance, hours worked during the week of September 2nd to 8th would have a period and payroll end date of 9/8/19. 
      • If you are submitting a student's time past the normal deadline for the week they worked, the Payroll End Date will be different.  Please contact our office for the correct date to enter on the time sheet.  Note that these hours will be ineligible for the 50/50 wage split.
    • Earnings code:
      • STU – regular time within a 40 hour work week including time worked in other positions
      • SRT – known as retro time - time entered after the submission deadline (see below)
      • STO – over time above and beyond the 40 hour work week including time worked in other positions

    Please note that any SRT hours submitted will NOT be eligible for the 50/50 wage split.  Any hours submitted through the Retro option will be paid 100% by the department.


    Work Week Start Date

    Work Week End Date

    Submission by 11 a.m.

    Paycheck Date

    Holiday Notes





    Labor Day holiday impacts time submission from the week prior so time submission is not impacted.

    Labor Day week










































    Submission for this week is usually required early. We will forward the Payroll notice upon receipt.





    Thanksgiving week

















    Short week due to the start of classes on a Wednesday.





























































    Short week due to end of classes on Wednesday
  • Wesleyan's Non-Discrimination Policy

    Wesleyan University is fully committed to a policy of equal opportunity throughout the University, and to this end abides by all applicable federal, state, and local statutes pertaining to nondiscrimination and fair employment practices. 

    Accordingly, the University recruits, hires, trains, promotes, and educates individuals without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, veteran status, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Wesleyan University administers all personnel action such as compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, return from layoffs, education, tuition assistance, and social and recreational programs without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, veteran status, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

    For further information, contact the Equity Compliance Director, Debbie Colucci, of the Office of Equity and Inclusion at extension 2456.