The Student Employment Office is committed to giving students the opportunity to satisfy the work-study component of their financial aid package. In addition, we endeavor to assist students that are not eligible for work-study to gain employment opportunities on-campus.  We also assist with off campus employment for federally eligible students.  Students earn money that can be contributed to the cost of their education, while learning skills that will benefit them in the classroom and beyond. Employers benefit from students' talents, insight and enthusiasm. 

All students are encouraged to work as a part of connecting to the Wesleyan community regardless of their Federal Work-study or Term-Time Employment eligibility.  To determine if you are Federal Work-Study or Wesleyan Term-Time Employment eligible, please review your financial aid award letter, SIMON portal, or consult with the Financial Aid Office. This information will indicate maximum work-study/employment earnings for the academic year.

Non-work-study eligible students may also wish to inquire directly with departments on-campus as to the availability of non-work-study jobs. The best way to determine this is to consult the job posting webpage and contact employers to see if they are hiring non-work-study eligible students. It is very important that you identify your status as ineligible for work-study when discussing a position with a prospective employer.