The Monthly Payment Plan (MPP)

Payment Plan Enrollment & Management

Wesleyan's Monthly Payment Plan provides parents and students the option to pay tuition & fee expenses monthly. It is designed to relieve the pressure of lump-sum payments by allowing families to spread payments over a period of months without incurring any interest charges. Enrollment is on a per term basis. The fall term plan opens July 1 and the spring term plan opens December 1. The cost to sign-up is $45 per term.

Depending on the date you enroll, you may be eligible for up to five installments for the fall and spring terms. Payment Plan installments will be automatically deducted on the 15th of each month from the bank account you specify when enrolling in the plan.

Please note: Wesleyan University does not accept credit card payments for undergraduate tuition & fees.

Payment Plan Enroll on
or before
Fall Semester Plan August 14 5 August 15 December 15
September 14 4 September 15 December 15
October 14 3 October 15 December 15
Spring Semester Plan January 14 5 January 15 May 15
February 14 4 February 15 May 15
March 14 3 March 15 May 15

An academic year 8-month plan is available for graduate students.

How to Enroll Into a Payment Plan

To enroll into a Payment Plan, log into your Student Account and select the Payment Plans tab. You will see the Payment Plan options available to you. The earlier you enroll in a plan, the more installments you can have. The fall term plan opens July 1 and the spring term plan opens December 1. Your installment schedule will update dynamically based on your plan balance. The plan balance defaults to your Balance Due. Once you decide to activate a plan, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment. Log into your Student Account any time to see the status of your plan.

Please visit the Student Account Office webpage for additional information regarding the Monthly Payment Plan.