Outside Scholarship(s), State Grant or Employee Tuition Benefit

Outside scholarships and grants, including tuition remission benefits received as a result of a parent’s employment, are required by federal regulation to be considered a part of the financial aid award.

  • Generally, outside scholarships reduce a student’s self-help aid package (i.e., loan borrowing and/or work-study requirement); they do not replace your parent contribution. Normally, loans are decreased first, but at the student’s request, student employment may be reduced first.
  • Beginning with the 2018-19 academic year, outside scholarships will now be applied toward a student’s mandatory summer earnings expectation before reducing Wesleyan scholarship.
  • If the outside scholarship is in excess of the above, a student may request that the scholarship be applied toward the university health insurance plan (if applicable).
  • If outside scholarship funds remain, a student may be eligible to use the excess funds, one time only during the student’s tenure at Wesleyan, toward a computer purchase. If a student is interested in this option, please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to purchase. Documentation is required.
  • Since Wesleyan’s policy is to meet the full financial need of a student, the financial aid package may be adjusted once an outside scholarship is received to ensure that the student’s total aid does not exceed the cost of attendance.

Generally, state scholarships and grants received will reduce Wesleyan Scholarship dollar for dollar.

  • State scholarships may be applied toward university sponsored health insurance and/or a one-time computer purchase (if applicable) prior to reducing Wesleyan Scholarship. 
  • Funding for these expenses will only be applied at the request of the student and after documentation has been received and/or when charges have been applied to the student’s account.