The Monthly Payment Plan (MPP)

This is an interest-free, 5-month plan each semester administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce (formerly TMS). The plan begins August 1 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester with payment due the first of every month. There is a $45 enrollment fee per semester. Nelnet accepts payment by check or auto-debit for undergraduates.

Enrollment is on a per semester basis.  Enrollment can be done on-line by students through the Student Account Center link within WesPortal or their Authorized Participants at or by calling (800) 205-4561.  

To add an Authorized Participant a student must log into the Student Account Center within WesPortal and select “Manage Account Access.” By doing so, the Authorized Participant will have access to all billing statements, daily account activity and the monthly payment plan.