Work Request Form

Students may be eligible to work off Fire Safety* fines in lieu of payment. One hour of work is required for every $50 of fine amount thereafter. Students must apply for work in lieu of payment within 30 days of receipt of a violation notice, or if a student decides to appeal the fine, within 30 days of notification of the appeals committee's decision. Students will then have another 30 days, or until the end of the academic year whichever is sooner, to complete the required work. Any fine amounts for work that has been agreed to, but not completed by the end of the academic year, will be charged to the student's account at the end of year billing cycle.

Fill out the form below with available times to work. We will contact you with a proposed work schedule via email. The Campus Fire Safety office has hours available Tuesday-Friday from 7:30am-5pm, no hours are available on Mondays; and is located at 170 Long Lane (past Freeman Athletic Center). Students are expected to arrive promptly and to stay for the duration of the agreed upon work schedule. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the work in lieu of payment option.   

*Facilities and Housing fines are used to fix damaged property and are not eligible for a work in lieu of payment program.