Barbara-Jan Wilson Memories

In celebration of Barbara-Jan and her Wesleyan career, please take a moment to share your thoughts and memories.  Please email them to


"During my four years at Wesleyan, I was extremely lucky to interact with Barbara-Jan in different ways and for different reasons. The details of these are unimportant but what is important and will remain with me was the compassion, thoughtfulness, and sense of humor that Barbara-Jan brought to every interaction. Wesleyan has been so lucky to have her for the past 36 years. I send warmest congrats and also sincere wishes for joy and fulfillment in her next steps!   -Jen '86


"I find it hard to believe that the young, extraordinarily effective person that we worked with many years ago from the Wesleyan Office of Admission is retiring. In my mind's eye, you will always be the sprite I remember. That sprite convinced our 'I'll never to to a school where you went' daughter that Wesleyan was the place for indeed it was. What a salesperson you were that night in our dining room. So, with heartfelt thanks for you help with our daughter and with as many good wishes as I can transfer over the internet, you have our best wishes for a happy, relaxing, stimulating retirement."   -Barry '66


"She's such an institution and remarkable woman!"   -Meredith '96


"I think she has been a terrific 'force for good' on the Wesleyan campus and in the Wesleyan community. She is a special lady with a skill for organizing and a personality that begs you to follow her wherever she leads. In this age of changing jobs every year or two, i am glad she decided to stay at Wes and continue to make it better year after year. She will be hard to replace."   -Bill '64


"My best to her...chief Wesleyan supporter and the person who single-handedly restarted Wesleyan fundraising activities."   -Fred '63


"I'm Class of '86 and Barbara-Jan was amazingly helpful at a tough time in my life. Wesleyan's loss but...what a career and how much support she gave!"   -Steve '86