Giving Tuesday 2018

We want to know what’s important to you about Wesleyan.

Ensuring financial aid is available for all students, regardless of need? Continuing our commitment to the arts? Supporting faculty who create an environment where viewpoints are challenged and discourse promoted? Strengthening the Cardinal student-athlete experience?

Choose your impact by supporting what’s most meaningful to you about Wes. Your gift, regardless of designation, will make an impact. When 1,831 members of the Wesleyan community give by Nov. 27, Wesleyan’s newly elected members of the Board of Trustees will donate $250,000 to the area of greatest need.

Make your gift today and let us know “What’s Your Wes?”

Below are some examples of areas where your support will make an impact. Don’t see what you’re passionate about at Wes? Click here to make a gift to an area that’s important to you. Be sure to include the designation in the comment section and let us know: What’s Your Wes!

  • Financial Aid

    Wesleyan is committed to enrolling a student body that is socio-economically diverse and to this end will meet the full financial need of all admitted students. Your Wesleyan Fund gift directed to financial aid makes the Wesleyan experience possible for talented, low-income students who might not otherwise be able to attend.

    Support Financial Aid at Wesleyan

    Andrew McGadney '92

    “No student with the talent and motivation to excel at Wesleyan should be denied that opportunity because of an inability to cover the full cost of tuition. Supporting financial aid makes a Wesleyan education possible for those who cannot afford to attend without financial assistance or without incurring heavy debt.”

  • Student Life

    Your gift to student life supports the eclectic mix of clubs, teams and organizations that meet the needs of Wesleyan's diverse, energetic community of learners who think both critically and creatively about themselves, their world and their place in it. A gift to student life at Wesleyan impacts the next generation of leaders.

    Support Student Life at Wesleyan

    Souleymane Ba '03

    “Participating in the myriad of clubs, teams and organizations that comprise Wesleyan’s unique student culture provides an outlet to learn and grow beyond the limitations of the classroom. Providing resources for this environment is essential to the ethos of the liberal arts education.”

  • Academic and Faculty Support

    Your Wesleyan Fund gift directed to academic programming and faculty support provides teaching, mentoring and research opportunities that encourage student-faculty collaboration and provides dynamic, path-breaking programming and faculty support in Wesleyan's numerous interdisciplinary colleges and centers of study.

    Support Academic and Faculty Support

    Michele Roberts '77

    “The relationship between faculty and students defines the Wesleyan experience. Professors challenge you relentlessly and, in doing, so draw out the best of who you are.”

  • Arts

    The arts thrive at Wesleyan, exposing students to traditions and cultures, fostering creativity, and demonstrating the relevance of artistic study to address society's most pressing problems. Your support of the arts benefits students who take advantage of these opportunities and brings to campus artists to share their creative vision.

    Support the Arts at Wesleyan

    Luke Wood '91

    “Wesleyan’s commitment to the arts allows our students to explore creative passion in a way that equips them with a tool set for creative problem solving their entire life.”

  • Athletics

    Cardinal pride is real. For good reason. Wesleyan supports unique student-athletes, for whom success is about achieving at the highest level both on and off the field And it is your support that helps them do it all. From facilities to athletic training, uniforms and meals, your gift supports our Cardinal student-athletes.

    Support Wesleyan Student Athletes

    Susannah Gray '82

    “Winning a game can seem important. But what athletic competition also teaches us is that showing up is even more important. That’s what I like about Giving Tuesday: it celebrates the act of giving itself. How much you give matters less than showing you support Wesleyan.”

  • Wesleyan's Greatest Need

    In order to adequately provide resources to the myriad of areas that require philanthropic funding, the University relies on the generosity of our most ardent supporters. When you designate your gift to the Wesleyan Fund’s area of greatest need provide flexibility while maximizing the impact of your donation. 

    Support Wesleyan's Greatest Need

    Essel W. Bailey Jr. '66

    “There is no shortage of areas that are in need of additional funding. Supporting Wesleyan’s Greatest Need ensures resources are allocated to the University’s most pressing areas.”