About the Government Major

Frequently asked questions

Are there any specific courses I should take if I want to become a Government major?

No. To be admitted as a major, you must complete at least one government course with a grade of B- or better, and at the time you submit your major declaration your General Education Report must show that you have already, by the end of your third semester at Wesleyan, completed Stage 1 of the General Education Expectations.

There are four introductory courses. Which one should I take?

Each of the introductory courses corresponds to one of the four concentrations (GOVT 151 corresponds to American; GOVT 155 to international relations; GOVT 157 to comparative; and GOVT 159 to political theory). You should look at the concentration descriptions on the website before making a decision. 

Do I have to learn statistics if I want to major in Government?

Taking a course in statistics is recommended, but not required, for the major. Political scientists use diverse quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The Government Department routinely offers courses in statistics and methodology (GOVT 201, GOVT 366, GOVT 367). Many Government majors use knowledge acquired in such courses to improve their research projects.

How do I get AP credit toward the major?

The Government Department will not approve Advanced Placement credit toward the major or toward graduation.