Government Majors Committee, 2017-2018

Name Class Email
George Avrassoglou 2019 gavrassoglou

George is a junior Government and Economics double major from Tenafly, NJ. Within the Government major, George is concentrating in International Politics, and is interested in how the international community functions. On campus, George is a member of the Men's Soccer Program, as well as a founder and President of the European Society and Friends. This past summer, George worked as a legal intern for a law firm in Athens, Greece. Post-grad, he hopes to eventually attend law school.

Noa Azulai 2019 nazulai

Noa is a junior Government and American Studies double major with a Writing Certificate. Her concentration is in Political Theory and she is interested in studying how and where politics and culture overlap. She is one of the managers of Espwesso, the student-run cafe on campus, and when she's not making lattes, she can be found dancing or going to improv shows. She works with the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship on ways to merge radical activism and business to produce change. Noa is from Brooklyn, NY.

Elias Benda 2019 ebenda

Elias is a junior Government major with a concentration in International Politics. Being born and raised in Washington, DC, he has gained a passion for US Foreign Policy and the importance of diplomatic relationships. This past summer he interned for DC Vote, a non-profit advocating for equal citizenship and rights for the 680,000 people of DC deprived of a voice in Congress.

Aaron Cheung 2019 acheung

Aaron is a junior Government, Economics, and CSS triple major. Aaron is concentrating in American Politics and is primarily interested in Constitutional Law and U.S. Foreign Policy. Outside of the classroom, Aaron is a Senator on the Wesleyan Student Assembly and a Co-Captain of Prometheus.

Peter Dunphy
2018 pdunphy

Peter is a senior Government and American Studies double major, with a concentration in American Politics. He is in the process of writing an Honors Thesis on the erosion of democratic norms and informal institutions in the contemporary U.S. He previously studied comparative government and history abroad in Havana, Cuba, and serves as an editor of the Wesleyan Arcadia Political Review. Peter is from Fairfax, Virginia.

Matt Finkel 2018 msfinkel

Matt is a senior double-majoring in Government and Latin American Studies. He serves as a Foreign Affairs Intern for the US Department of State's Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operation where he specializes in conflict resolution and force projection in Europe and Latin America. Matt is also a Bureau Chief and Senior Staff Writer for Diplomacist, an intercollegiate foreign policy publication. Matt is from Chicago, IL.

Carina Flaherty 2019 cflaherty

Carina is a junior Government major with a concentration in International Politics from Philadelphia, PA. Carina is interested in studying public health, specifically access to health services and care. She is a CEAS minor and enjoys running, cooking and scoping out restaurants. Carina hopes to go to graduate school for public health administration and explore different American regions.

Elisa Greenberg 2018 egreenberg

Elisa is a senior Government and Psychology double-major, with a concentration in Comparative Politics. She has been involved in politics in both congressional and corporate settings, and hopes to pursue a career in this field. On campus, she is an Academic Peer Advisor, a WesBam fitness instructor, and a co-director of WeShuffle tap-dance collective.  She also sits on the board of Gilead, a non-profit headquartered in Middletown. 

William Halliday 2019 whalliday

William is a junior government and philosophy double major with a concentration in Political Theory. He has found political theory the perfect way to combine his interests in philosophy and politics. He is currently a Teaching Assistant for Nancy Schwartz's Moral Basis of Politics course. Outside of class, William is the Photo Editor of The Argus and a member of Throw Culture (co-ed frisbee team). He is planning to study political science and philosophy in the spring of 2018 at King's College London. William is from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Melissa Joskow
2018 mjoskow

Melissa is a senior double majoring in Government and Studio Art with a minor in Art History. Within the Government major, Melissa is concentrating in Political Theory, and is interested in the intersections between art and politics. On campus, Melissa is a Jim Dine Curatorial Intern at the Davison Art Center and a Graphic Design TA. She is also a co-captain of Throw Culture, Wesleyan's Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee team, and of WeShuffle, Wesleyan's Tap Dance Collective.

Carly King
2018 crking

Carly is a senior Government major in the American Politics concentration. Her other academic interests include French, which she took both for several semesters at Wesleyan and during a semester abroad in Paris last fall, and data analysis. This year, she is writing a thesis for Departmental Honors in Government on the topic of women's political giving. Her internship experiences during her time as a Wesleyan student have included working for a Women's PAC, a neuroscience start-up, and a software development non-profit. After graduation, she intends to enter the field of political consulting.

Charles King 2018 chking

Charles is a senior currently double majoring in Government and Psychology. He is a member of Nietzsch Factor, Wesleyan's men's ultimate frisbee team, and writes for ARCADIA, a student-run bipartisan political publication. This summer he interned in the Washington D.C. office of Senator Bill Nelson where he had the extraordinary opportunity to observe the political and legislative process from the inside. Charles is passionate about criminal justice and international relations, and hopes to pursue these areas in some capacity upon graduating.

Maile McCann
2018 memccann

Maile is a senior Government and Psychology major with the Civic Engagement Certificate. She is especially interested in the intersection between law and psychology, international political theory, and American foreign policy. Maile is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Kavya Padmanabhan 2018 kpadmanabhan

Kavya is a senior double major in English and Government, with a concentration in American Politics. She is interested in how racialized bodies are treated by both national and international players and by the ways in which membership creates stark political divisions. Kavya studied abroad in New Zealand in the Fall of 2016, which gave her much needed perspective on how the United States is internationally conceptualized as well. Kavya hopes to continue her studies in this field after graduation.

Heather Pincus 2019 hpincus

Heather is a junior double majoring in Government and Economics. She is especially interested in the United States legal system, using the tools of game theory to analyze political outcomes, and how political theory informs these and other aspects of the study of government. On campus, she is the president of the Wesleyan Mock Trial team and competes at tournaments throughout the year. She hopes to go to law school after graduating.

Elliot Polur 2019 epolur

Elliot is a junior Government and Romance Studies double major, with concentrations in American Politics and Spanish/Italian. On campus, Elliot works for the Wesleyan Media Project and plays on the Mens’ Ice Hockey team. Currently studying abroad in Bologna, Italy, he has experience in the political arena, having managed several local campaigns in his hometown of Clearwater, Florida.

Sean Ross 2019 suross

Sean is a junior from San Diego, California and a Government major, concentrating in American Politics. He is also double-minoring in Economics and Data Analysis. Last summer, Sean put his enthusiasm for these subjects to use, interning with the United States Senate Committee on the Budget where he contributed to bills and amendments that reached the Senate floor. On campus, Sean works for the Wesleyan Media Project and is a member of the Men’s Varsity Ice Hockey team. This summer, Sean will join Booz Allen Hamilton as an intern for public sector consulting.

Brandon Sides
2018 bsides

Brandon '17.5 is a senior Government major with a concentration in American Politics. On campus he analyzes political advertising for the Wesleyan Media Project. He hopes to teach English and travel abroad after graduating in December. Brandon is from Acton, Mass.

Hannah Skopicki
2018 hskopicki

Hannah is a senior Government major with a concentration in International Politics from Roslyn, New York. She is double majoring in Government and Italian Studies and recently returned from studying abroad in Bologna, Italy. She is a founding Editor-in-Chief of Arcadia Political Magazine and has interned twice on Capitol Hill, once in the Senate and once in the House of Representatives. Her particular areas of interest include foreign policy, homeland security, and human rights legislation. She hopes to pursue a career in politics and public service upon graduation in the spring.

Sarah Chen Small 2018 ssmall

Sarah is a senior Government and Science in Society Program double major, concentrating in International Politics, Biology, and Asian American Studies. She is also a four-year board member and now senior chair of the Wesleyan Asian American Student Collective. Working for the University of California San Francisco's Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education and interning for the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, Sarah has begun pursuing her interest in global health justice and equity. 

Amelia Spittal
2018 aspittal

Amelia is a senior Government and Sociology double major, with a concentration in Comparative Politics. She is currently writing an Honors Thesis in political sociology that focuses on the reasons why white, working-class Americans in upstate New York vote against their perceived economic interests. She was abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark last fall, where she studied International Humanitarian Law. Post-grad, she hopes to eventually go to law school.

Emily Steckhan
2019 esteckhan

Emily is a junior Government and History double major with a concentration in Comparative Politics. She is a member of the Wesleyan Refugee Project on campus and has previously worked with refugee shelters in Berlin. This past summer, she worked at a political think-thank which manifested her interest in international relations. Emily is from Hamburg, Germany.