The Office of Graduate Student Services is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Graduate Student Guide to Accessibility Services

Wesleyan University is committed to supporting all students in their academic and co-curricular endeavors. Each semester, a significant number of students document psychological, learning, sight, hearing, manual, speech, mobility and other disabilities, which may require reasonable accommodations to ensure access to education, housing, and recreation. Although Wesleyan does not offer academic programs specifically directed at individuals with disabilities, the University does provide services and reasonable accommodations to all students who need and have a legal entitlement to such accommodations.

Accommodations for graduate students are coordinated by Accessibility Services, located in North College, Room 021/022.

Graduate students who would like to request accommodations should contact Accessibility Services directly.  Students who request accommodations are required to provide documentation of their disabilities and meet with an Accessibility Services staff member to discuss how appropriate accommodations may assist them in participating in campus life or courses and fulfilling course requirements. In addition, the office will discuss other types of support and services available to all Wesleyan students, such as tutoring programs and writing support through the Writing Workshop.

For contact information and office hours:  Accessiblilty Services