Individual and Local Business Donors

Adrian James Cooke
Alison Johnson
Ann Bascome
Ann Clark
Arthur Webster
Bradley and Louisa Jones
Carol Cataldo
Carolyn Kirsch
Catherine and Joseph Lechowicz
Centerbrook Architects
Claudia Wolf
David and Phyllis Beveridge
David Pontrelli
Deb Aldo
Dominos Pizza
Donald Pendagast III
Douglas J. and Midge Bowen Bennet
DST Systems
Edgardo Quinones, Jr.
Frank Kuan
Gwendolyn Basilika
Jacqueline Iskander
Jane McMillian
Janice and Alan Hromi
Jessica Broderick and Joseph Fazzino
John and Nancy Braitmayar
John Usdan
Lawrence School
Lisa Andrews, Artique Paint Bar LLC
Lorraine Karatkewicz
Lynn Moore, The CraftArt Studio
Mari Muri and Dan Dolan
Mark Gawlak
Matt Low
Michael and Terri Klein
Michael S. Roth and Kari Weil
Michelle Podgorski
Neil and Lori Benson
Noah Baerman
Pamela Frost and Jon Morris
Pamela Tatge and Jerry Zinser
Patricia Couper
Peter and Elsie Patton
Richard and Edie Roth
Robert and Marjorie Rosenbaum
Robert Rosenthal
Robert Schwartz
Samuel Liss
Sandra Justin and James Sulzen
Sara MacSorley and Eva Jones
Sarah Kendall
Shairons Salon
Stephan and Susan Allison
Steven and Sylvia Lecky
Suzanne O’Connell and Thomas Christopher
Terry Eastman
Terry Wilson

Grants and Foundations

Acadia Insurance Berkley Foundation
Aetna Foundation Inc.
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Citizens Bank
City of Middletown Block Grant
City of Middletown Commission on the Arts
City of Middletown Department of Health Snack Grant
City of Middletown Educational Incentives Challenge Grant
City of Middletown Youth Services Bureau
Community Foundation of Middlesex County
CT Department of Economic and Community Development Arts Catalyze Placemaking
CT Department of Economic and Community Development Higher Order Thinking Schools
CT Health & Educational Facilities Authority
CT Office of Higher Education Teacher Quality Partnership Grant
CT State Department of Education Math and Science Partnership Grant
Davenport-Hatch Foundation
Frontier Communications
George and Grace Long Foundation
J. Walton Bissell Foundation
John and Ruth Huss Foundation
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Liberty Bank
Maurice R. Gross Foundation
Peach Pit Foundation
Petit Family Foundation
Pratt and Whitney
State of Connecticut, Arts Learning Grant
Sweet Pea Quilts and Crafts, Jan Unghire
Thomas J. Atkins Memorial Trust
York Butler Fund
Zickler Family Foundation