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Green Street offers a wide range of educational and community engagement opportunities for Wesleyan faculty members and students. 

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"I find working with adult learners to be a rejuvenating experience. The room is filled with genuine enthusiasm, even during the most challenging exercises. Over the course of the workshop, it is gratifying to see the participants' growth in several arenas: their mastery of the mathematics, of course, but also their ability to communicate mathematical ideas to others. And perhaps most importantly, their self-confidence in approaching and exploring mathematics in an open-ended setting.

This has impacted the philosophy of my teaching at the university level.  In my university courses, I more frequently challenge students to develop their own methods, so that they may also experience mathematics in this way: 'What works? What doesn't work? Where have we seen this sort of thing before? What is different this time? How can we exploit that difference?' Learning to pick apart a problem with this sort of approach is more important than any particular formula or theorem I might throw at them in lecture (especially when the formulas are memorized without an understanding of the context). And it is certainly more reflective of how modern research is practiced by mathematicians." -Christopher Rasmussen, Wesleyan Mathematics Department