Service Learning Classes

Service Learning Classes

Green Street and the Service Learning Office are both part of the Center for Community Partnerships. Working together, we’ve hosted Service Learning classes in dance and music education as part of our Discovery AfterSchool Program. We have also been the community partner for a computer science Service Learning class.

We encourage proposals for new Service Learning classes that could interface with our programs at Green Street.

Interested faculty members should contact our Director, Sara MacSorley or the Service Learning Office. 

"Dance Teaching Workshop has collaborated with the Green Street Arts Center from the start. Working and teaching at Green Street reminds students that we are connected within a larger world.  We have the opportunity to be with people of all ages, all interests, who call Middletown home. Green Street is a vital, creative, generative space.  It revitalizes, and enlivens us all." - Professor Katja Kolcio, Dance Department

"The Music Mentors program offers a great chance for musicians to share their art with the younger generation. It is a two-way learning process as students learn to sing or play an instrument and mentors learn skills to teach more effectively. By the end of the semester, the teacher and student have created something together that the student can showcase at the solstice performance." -Anna Flurry, Musical Mentor and AfterSchool Coordinator