Wesleyan Bound: An AfterSchool College Experience for Kids Grades 6-8

Wesleyan Bound is a unique after school class for middle school students (Grades 6-8) based at the Green Street Teaching and Learning center in Middletown, CT. The class exposes middle school students to the holistic college experience - so much more than academics and admission tours. Each week, students visit the Wesleyan University campus for a wide range of activities like workshops with students groups, talks with professors, tours of science laboratories, and guided visits of art galleries.

Wesleyan Bound is a great opportunity for your middle school child to engage in something fun and informative after school as well as to expose them to the college experience and get them excited about the possibility of higher education.

Classes are Friday afternoons from 3:15PM - 5:15PM, September 11th – December 8th.

Cost is $300 for the semester. Financial aid available for those who qualify.

Instructor: (Wesleyan student)

Call today to set up your registration appointment at 860-685-7871 or fill out the following forms and bring them into Green Street with your $25/child non-refundable deposit.