Incoming Class of '28 & Transfer Students 

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What You Need to Know:

Forms for incoming new and transfer students entering Fall semester '24 are due by July 8, 2024. You will need your Wesleyan email credentials prior to completing forms. (Please note that it takes a few weeks for the nursing staff to review forms.  During this time you will not see your records as compliant and will hear from the nursing team if anything is missing).

New incoming and transfer students starting fall semester 2024 will need to comply with health form and immunization requirements by July 8, 2024. Students should upload and complete documents on our electronic medical record system at using your Wesleyan email credentials. Make certain you click "submit" frequently to save your data in the health portal.  You have about 60 minutes with each log in before the system will sign you out so clicking "submit" will assure your data is saved.

Health History Form (Required)

Immunizations (Required)

(Please note:  If you have documentation of MMR, you do not need to enter the same info under individual mumps, measles, rubella section in the portal.  Only put the MMR dates.)

  • Obtain a copy of your official immunization record from your provider’s office, which is acceptable for immunization documentation. If that is not available to you, this downloadable immunization form can be accepted in lieu of your official immunization record, but must be completed and signed by your Health Care Provider. The State of Connecticut requirements and the University’s immunization policy can be found here.

Immunization Exemptions (Updated 12/07/2023)

  • Religious Exemptions: In accordance with Connecticut State Law, Wesleyan University does not offer religious exemptions from required vaccinations.  The University will review stamped and notarized documentation of religious exemptions issued on or before April 27, 2021.                  Religious exemptions from outside the State of Connecticut or from grades K-12 issued after April 27, 2021 will not be accepted.

Consent for Treatment Form (Required)

  • If over 18 years of age, please complete electronically on the Student Health Services’ Web Portal,
  • If under 18 years of age, please download/print form here for both student and parent/guardian to complete.

Health Insurance (Required)

  • Please be sure to review the University Health Insurance Plan and if you have comparable private insurance to waive out at You cannot complete until you receive your Wes email credentials in early June.  Please note: all new incoming students and fall transfer students must either waive out or enroll in the University sponsored plan by August 2024.  The website will open for compliance at the end of May.

Completed Forms/Records – Due July 8, 2024

Once completed immunization records, TB Testing Form (if required), Medical Waiver (if required), and Consent to Treatment Form (if under 18) can be scanned and uploaded to the Student Health Services' Web Portal, under "Document Upload”.  

Upload an image of your insurance card to the Student Health Services Web Portal under "Document Upload".

More Information:

  • International students will be scheduled to see a medical provider as part of International Student Orientation to review immunization records.
  • Graduate students do not need to supply physical exam documentation
  • Parents are welcome to visit the Davison Health Center or contact us by phone, but students over 18 years of age are entitled to full medical information privacy protection. The Health Center can discuss details of evaluation or treatment only with the student’s signed consent.

If unable to complete the above requirements, please contact the health center for assistance. We can be reached at or 860-685-2470.





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