Emergency Contraception (EC) Information

The Davison Health Center continues to honor its commitment to provide comprehensive health care to our students.  We provide emergency contraceptives to aid in the prevention of pregnancy.   Student 18 years and older can pick up non-prescription emergency contraceptives at Davison Health Center (DHC).  Students 17 years or younger will need to make an appointment for EC as it needs to be prescribed and not accessible over the counter. 

Some data suggests non-prescription emergency contraception may be less effective in overweight or obese women. A 2015 study reported that the NEXT CHOICE brand and other EC brands were less effective at preventing pregnancy as weight and body mass index increased. The women who weighed 165 lb and more had a pregnancy risk of 6 percent, which was similar to the pregnancy risk as if no contraceptive had been used.

We counsel overweight and obese women of the potentially reduced or absent efficacy of NEXT CHOICE and other non-prescription EC as BMI increases above 30 or at weight of a ~165 pounds, and offer them an appointment with a provider for ELLA, which is a prescription emergency contraception.

If you have a BMI of 30+ or are close to 165 lbs in weight please consider the efficacy of non-prescription EC and ask to see a provider. The nurse will assist you in making this referral.

* For OBESE women the IUD is the best option for emergency contraception.  If the IUD is not an option, ELLA is more likely to be effective than a non-prescription method.

EC is safe in almost all circumstances; however it must be given in a timely fashion.

  • To be MOST effective EC should be given within 72 hours of a single episode of unprotected intercourse. Research has demonstrated that it can be given up to 5 days from an episode of unprotected intercourse, but is more effective the earlier it is taken. 
  • Davison Health Center is open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm for students needing EC over the weekend.  Although DHC is closed on Sundays, students can pick up the medication on Monday mornings beginning at 9am and still be within the window of EC coverage. 
  • Rite Aid and other local pharmacies also carry EC and are open on Sundays.