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DECEMBER 1971, BEIHEFT 11 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Enlightenment Historiography: Three German Studies

GÜNTHER PFLUG, The Development of Historical Method in the Eighteenth Century || abstract || JSTOR

PAUL SAKMANN, The Problems of Historical Method and of Philosophy of History in Voltaire || abstract || JSTOR

RUDOLF UNGER, The Problem of Historical Objectivity: A Sketch of Its Development to the Time of Hegel || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1971 || Top


LAWRENCE ROSEN, Language, History, and the Logic of Inquiry in Lévi-Strauss and Sartre || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE DENNIS O'BRIEN, Does Hegel Have a Philosophy of History? || abstract || JSTOR

REX A. LUCAS, A Specification of the Weber Thesis: Plymouth Colony || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

FERNAND BRAUDEL, Ecrits sur l'histoire (J. H. M. Salmon) || JSTOR

J. H. PLUMB, The Death of the Past (C. Hartley Grattan) || JSTOR

ROBERT W. FRIEDRICHS, A Sociology of Sociology (Peter Munz) || JSTOR

LIONEL GOSSMAN, Medievalism and the Ideologies of the Enlightenment (Rosalie L. Colie) || JSTOR

ELIZABETH RAWSON, The Spartan Tradition in European Thought (George Boas) || JSTOR

MAY 1971 || Top


WILLIAM H. DRAY, On the Nature and Role of Narrative in Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

S. C. HUMPHREYS, The Work of Louis Gernet || abstract || JSTOR

NATHAN ROTENSTREICH, The Idea of Historical Progress and Its Assumptions || abstract || JSTOR

HAYDEN V. WHITE, Croce and Becker: A Note on the Evidence of Influence || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

H. U. WEHLER, Bismarck und der Imperialismus (Hans Medick) || JSTOR

ROBERT F. BERKHOFER, JR., A Behavioral Approach to Historical Analysis (W. H. Walsh) || JSTOR

MATTHEW MELKO, The Nature of Civilizations (Arnold Toynbee) || JSTOR

F. SMITH FUSSNER, Tudor History and the Historians (G. R. Elton) || JSTOR

ROLAND ROBERTSON, The Sociological Interpretation of Religion (Guy E. Swanson) || JSTOR



FEBRUARY 1971 || Top


M. D. KING, Reason, Tradition and the Progressiveness of Science || abstract || JSTOR

PAULA SUTTER FICHTNER, History, Religion, and Politics in the Austrian Vormärz || abstract || JSTOR

LEON POMPA, Vico's Science || abstract || JSTOR

NORMAN RUDICH and MANFRED STASSEN, Wittgenstein's Implied Anthropology: Remarks on Wittgenstein's Notes on Frazer || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ARTHUR MITZMAN, The Iron Cage: An Historical Interpretation of Max Weber (Bruce Mazlish) || JSTOR

DAVID HACKETT FISCHER, Historians' Fallacies (Louis O. Mink) || JSTOR

GORDON LEFF, History and Social Theory (David Braybrooke) || JSTOR

ERWIN HÖLZLE, Idee und Ideologie: Eine Zeitkritik aus universalhistorischer Sicht (Herbert Arnold) || JSTOR

E. J. HOBSBAWM, Industry and Empire (Kenneth E. Boulding) || JSTOR



DECEMBER 1970, BEIHEFT 10 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History, 1966-1968

1965: Addenda

Compiled by Lewis D. Wurgaft and others

No abstracts

OCTOBER 1970 || Top


ROBERT WILLIAM FOGEL, Historiography and Retrospective Econometrics || abstract || JSTOR

FREDERICK A. OLAFSON, Narrative and the Concept of Action || abstract || JSTOR

J. L. HERKLESS, Meinecke and the Ranke-Burckhardt Problem || abstract || JSTOR

MARTIN SIEGEL, Henri Berr's Revue de Synthèse Historique || abstract || JSTOR

CHESTER MC ARTHUR DESTLER, The Crocean Origin of Becker's Historical Relativism || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

GEORGE ARMSTRONG KELLY, Idealism, Politics and History: Sources of Hegelian Thought (Hayden V. White) || JSTOR

LOUIS O. MINK, Mind, History, and Dialectic: The Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood (Alan Donagan) || JSTOR

CYNTHIA EAGLE RUSSETT, The Concept of Equilibrium in American Social Thought (Frederic L. Holmes) || JSTOR

MARCUS CUNLIFFE and ROBIN W. WINKS, eds., Pastmasters: Some Essays on American Historians (David A. Hollinger) || JSTOR

E. H. GOMBRICH, In Search of Cultural History (Leonard B. Meyer) || JSTOR



MAY 1970 || Top


ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, J. G. Droysen Between Greeks and Jews || abstract || JSTOR

HASKELL FAIN, History as Science || abstract || JSTOR

DONALD R. KELLEY, The Rise of Legal History in the Renaissance || abstract || JSTOR

RUTH FINNEGAN, A Note on Oral Tradition and Historical Evidence || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ERIK H. ERIKSON, Gandhi's Truth (Philip Pomper) || JSTOR

JACQUELINE DE ROMILLY, Time in Greek Tragedy (W. von Leyden) || JSTOR

RICHARD HOFSTADTER, The Progressive Historians: Turner, Beard, Parrington (Cushing Strout) || JSTOR

HEDVA BEN-ISRAEL, English Historians on the French Revolution (Henry R. Winkler) || JSTOR



FEBRUARY 1970 || Top


LEON J. GOLDSTEIN, Collingwood's Theory of Historical Knowing || abstract || JSTOR

PAUL R. SWEET, The Historical Writing of Heinrich von Srbik || abstract || JSTOR

ROGER W. WESCOTT, The Enumeration of Civilizations || abstract || JSTOR

I. A. F. BRUCE, Theopompus and Classical Greek Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

C. VANN WOODWARD, ed., The Comparative Approach to American History (Paul F. Bourke) || JSTOR

JAN ROMEIN, Op het breukvlak van twee eeuwen (Maarten Cornelis Brands) || JSTOR

HANS BARON, From Petrarch to Leonardo Brunk: Studies in Humanistic and Political Literature (Benjamin G. Kohl) || JSTOR

LEONARD B. MEYER, Music, the Arts, and Ideas (Morse Peckham) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1969, BEIHEFT 9 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Studies in Quantitative History and the Logic of the Social Sciences

JACOB M. PRICE, Recent Quantitative Work in History: A Survey of the Main Trends || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE G. S. MURPHY, On Counterfactual Propositions || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID BRAYBROOKE, Refinements of Culture in Large-Scale History || abstract || JSTOR

RICHARD T. VANN, History and Demography || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1969 || Top


BRUCE KUKLICK, The Mind of the Historian || abstract || JSTOR

IHOR SEVCENKO, Two Varieties of Historical Writing || abstract || JSTOR

SHIRLEY M. GRUNER, Political Historiography in Restoration France || abstract || JSTOR

BERNARD L. FONTANA, American Indian Oral History: An Anthropologist's Note || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

F. J. LEVY, Tudor Historical Thought (F. Smith Fussner) || JSTOR

ARNOLD KÜNZLI, Karl Marx: Eine Psychographie (Herbert Moller) || JSTOR

F. M. BARNARD, Herder's Social and Political Thought (Philip Merlan) || JSTOR

GEORG G. IGGERS, The German Conception of History (Lewis D. Wurgaft) || JSTOR

MAY 1969 || Top


S. C. HUMPHREYS, History, Economics, and Anthropology: The Work of Karl Polanyi || abstract || JSTOR

RUDOLPH BINION, Repeat Performance: A Psychohistorical Study of Leopold III and Belgian Neutrality || abstract || JSTOR

LARRY SHINER, A Phenomenological Approach to Historical Knowledge || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM H. DRAY, RICHARD G. ELY, and ROLF GRUNER, Mandelbaum on Historical Narrative: A Discussion || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JOHN G. GUNNELL, Political Philosophy and Time (J. G. A. Pocock) || JSTOR

FERNAND BRAUDEL, Civilisation matérielle et capitalisme (XVe-XVIIIe siècle), Tome I (Christopher Hill) || JSTOR

RICHARD L. BUSHMAN, From Puritan to Yankee (Kenneth A. Lockridge) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1969 || Top


QUENTIN SKINNER, Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas || abstract || JSTOR

A. R. LOUCH, History as Narrative || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID P. JORDAN, Gibbon's "Age of Constantine" and the Fall of Rome || abstract || JSTOR

FRITZ WAGNER, Sacred and Profane History in the Age of Newton || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

G. R. ELTON, The Practice of History (Paul L. Ward) || JSTOR

RALF DAHRENDORF, Society and Democracy in Germany (Charles S. Maier) || JSTOR

NORMAN ST. JOHN-STEVAS, ed., Bagehot's Historical Essays (John Clive) || JSTOR

GEORGE LICHTHEIM, The Concept of Ideology and Other Essays (John Raphael Staude) || JSTOR

TALCOTT PARSONS, Societies: Evolutionary and Comparative Perspectives (Gert Müller) || JSTOR

WILLIAM J. BRANDT, The Shape of Medieval History (M. Malowist) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1968, BEIHEFT 8 || Top || To Themes Issues List

On Method in the History of Religions

ed. James S. Helfer

JAMES S. HELFER, Introduction || abstract || JSTOR

MORTON SMITH, Historical Method in the Study of Religion || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT D. BAIRD, Interpretative Categories and the History of Religions || abstract || JSTOR

JACOB NEUSNER, Judaism in the History of Religions || abstract || JSTOR

HANS H. PENNER, Myth and Ritual: A Wasteland or a Forest of Symbols? || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1968 || Top


CUSHING STROUT, Ego Psychology and the Historian || abstract || JSTOR

DOUGLAS J. STEWART, Sallust and Fortuna || abstract || JSTOR

ROMILA THAPAR, Interpretations of Ancient Indian History || abstract || JSTOR

JURGEN HERBST, Theoretical Work in History in American University Curricula || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, Terzo Contributo alla storia degli studi classici e del mondo antico (M. I. Finley) || JSTOR

EMMANUEL LE ROY LADURIE, Les Paysans de Languedoc (Louis Bergeron) || JSTOR

CHARLES ISSAWI, ed., The Economic History of the Middle East, 1800-1914 (C. A. O. van Nieuwenhuijze) || JSTOR

PETER GAY, A Loss of Mastery: Puritan Historians in Colonial America (David Levin) || JSTOR

BRUNO NEVEU, Un Historien à l'école de Port-Royal: Sébastien le Nain de Tillemont, 1637-1698 (David Jordan) || JSTOR



MAY 1968 || Top


PAUL J. DIETL, Deduction and Historical Explanation || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID A. HOLLINGER, Perry Miller and Philosophical History || abstract || JSTOR

C. J. ARTHUR, On the Historical Understanding || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ROBERT ALLEN SKOTHEIM, American Intellectual History and Historians (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.) || JSTOR

CARL G. HEMPEL, Aspects of Scientific Explanation and Other Essays in the Philosophy of Science (Edward J. Nell) || JSTOR

MORTON WHITE, Foundations of Historical Knowledge (Rudolph H. Weingartner) || JSTOR

BARRINGTON MOORE, JR., Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (David Lowenthal) || JSTOR



FEBRUARY 1968 || Top


LOUIS O. MINK, Collingwood's Dialectic of History || abstract || JSTOR

RUDOLPH H. WEINGARTNER, Some Philosophic Comments on Cultural History || abstract || JSTOR

W. DEN BOER, Graeco-Roman Historiography in its Relation to Biblical and Modern Thinking || abstract || JSTOR

STANLEY PALUCH, The Specificity of Historical Language || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

C. E. BLACK, The Dynamics of Modernization: A Study in Comparative Literature (Kenneth E. Boulding) || JSTOR

ARNOLD HAUSER, Mannerism: The Crisis of the Renaissance and the Origin of Modern Art (William H. Halewood) || JSTOR

MICHAEL WALZER, The Revolution of the Saints: A Study in the Origins of Radical Politics (Richard T. Vann) || JSTOR

HELMUT HEIBER, Walter Frank und sein Reichsinstitut für Geschichte des neuen Deutschland (Klaus Epstein) || JSTOR

ROBERT W. HANNING, The Vision of History in Early Britain: From Gildas to Geoffrey of Monmouth (Denys Hay) || JSTOR

EDWARD GIBBON, Memoirs of My Life; JOSEPH WARD SWAIN, Edward Gibbon the Historian; and LYNN WHITE, JR., ed., The Transformation of the Roman World: Gibbon's Problem after Two Centuries (Charles T. Wood) || JSTOR

WERNER L. GUNDERSHEIMER, The Life and Works of Louis Le Roy (George Huppert) || JSTOR

ERNST TOPITSCH, ed., Logik der Sozialwissenschaften (Wolfgang J. Mommsen) || JSTOR



DECEMBER 1967, BEIHEFT 7 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History, 1962-1965

Compiled by Lewis D. Wurgaft || JSTOR

Bibliography of Signed Works by Elie Halévy

Compiled by Melvin Richter|| JSTOR

No abstracts

OCTOBER 1967 || Top


GERT MÜLLER, History as a Rigorous Discipline || abstract || JSTOR

EDWARD J. NELL, Economic Relationships in the Decline of Feudalism: An Examination of Economic Interdependence and Social Change || abstract || JSTOR

KINS COLLINS, Marx on the English Agricultural Revolution: Theory and Evidence || abstract || JSTOR

GEORG G. IGGERS, The Decline of the Classical National Tradition of German Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

MAURICE MANDELBAUM, A Note on History as Narrative || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ÉMILE LOUSSE, ed., Grundbegrifje der Geschichte (Henry M. Pachter) || JSTOR

ARTHUR C. DANTO, Analytical Philosophy of History (Alan Donagan) || JSTOR

OSSIP K. FLECHTHEIM, History and Futurology (Bernard Cazes) || JSTOR


BRUCE MAZLISH, The Riddle of History: The Great Speculators from Vico to Freud (R. V. Sampson) || JSTOR

HAROLD and MARGARET SPROUT, The Ecological Perspective on Human Affairs (O. H. K. Spate) || JSTOR



MAY 1967 || Top


ROBERT C. STALNAKER, Events, Periods, and Institutions in Historians' Language || abstract || JSTOR

M. J. GEFTER and V. L. MALKOV, Reply to a Questionnaire on Soviet Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM H. SEWELL, JR., Marc Bloch and the Logic of Comparative History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

E. H. DANCE, History the Betrayer: A Study in Bias; R. A. BILLINGTON with the collaboration of C. P. HILL, A. J. JOHNSTONE II, and C. F. MULLETT, The Historian's Contribution to Anglo-American Misunderstanding: Report of a Committee on National Bias in Anglo-American History Textbooks (T. H. Von Laue) || JSTOR

I. S. KON, Die Geschichtsphilosophie des 20. Jahrhunderts (Geoffrey Barraclough) || JSTOR

C. V. LANGLOIS and C. SEIGNOBOS, Introduction to the Study of History and ALLEN JOHNSON, The Historian and Historical Evidence (David Thomson) || JSTOR

E. HARRIS HARBISON, Christianity and History (Paul L. Ward) || JSTOR

THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, New Ways in History (Charles Tilly) || JSTOR

EUGENE D. GENOVESE, The Political Economy of Slavery: Studies in the Economy and Society of the Slave South (Theodore R. Marmor) || JSTOR

ANDREAS KRAUS, Vernunft und Geschichte: Die Bedeutung der deutschen Akademien für die Entwicklung der Geschichtswissenschaft im späten 18. Jahrhundert (W. M. Simon) || JSTOR

PAUL RICOEUR, History and Truth (George Boas) || JSTOR

LIONEL ROTHKRUG, Opposition to Louis XIV: The Political and Social Origins of the French Enlightenment (Rosalie L. Colie) || JSTOR

VALENTIN ALEKSEEVICH USTINOV, Primenenie Vychislitel'nykh Mashin v Istoricheskoi Nauke Dlia Analiza Massovykh Istoricheskikh Istochnikov [The Application of Computers in the Science of History for Analyzing a Multitude of Historical Sources] (Stanley Humenuk) || JSTOR

ACTES DU COLLOQUE organisé par le Centre International des Sciences Humanistes et l'Institut d'Études Philosophiques de Rome, Démythisation et Morale (Eric Dardel) || JSTOR

THOMAS C. COCHRAN, The Inner Revolution: Essays on the Social Sciences in History (Sidney Ratner) || JSTOR



FEBRUARY 1967 || Top


J. H. HEXTER, The Rhetoric of History || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE G. S. MURPHY and M. G. MUELLER, On Making Historical Techniques More Specific: "Real Types" Constructed with a Computer || abstract || JSTOR

ISAAC KRAMNICK, Augustan Politics and English Historiography: The Debate on the English Past, 1730-1735 || abstract || JSTOR

WILHELM VON HUMBOLDT, On the Historian's Task || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

LEON EDEL, ed., co-edited by KENNETH MCKEE and WILLIAM M. GIBSON, Literary History & Literary Criticism: Acta of the Ninth Congress International Federation for Modern Languages & Literatures; RENÉ WELLEK, Confrontations: Studies in the Intellectual and Literary Relations Between Germany, England, and the United States During the Nineteenth Century; ROBERT E. SPILLER, The Third Dimension: Studies in Literary History (Louis Kampf) || JSTOR

DAVID NOBLE, Historians Against History: The Frontier Thesis and the National Covenant in American Historical Writing since 1830 (Paul F. Bourke) || JSTOR

BERNARD BAILYN, ed., Pamphlets of the American Revolution 1750-1776, Volume 1, 1750-1765 (Kurt Kluxen) || JSTOR

C. H. S. FIFOOT, ed., The Letters of Frederic William Maitland (R. W. Southern) || JSTOR

MAARTEN CORNELIS BRANDS, Historisme als Ideologie: Het 'Onpolitieke' en 'anti-normatieve' Element in de Duitse Geschiedwetenschap (Georg G. Iggers) || JSTOR

PETER LASLETT, The World We Have Lost (Christopher Hill) || JSTOR

EDWARD SURTZ, S. J. and J. H. HEXTER, eds., Utopia (The Complete Works of St. Thomas More, Volume IV) (Frank E. Manuel) || JSTOR