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BEIHEFT 6, 1966 || Top || To Themes Issues List

History and the Concept of Time

A. D. MOMIGLIANO, Time in Ancient Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

CHESTER G. STARR, Historical and Philosophical Time || abstract || JSTOR

ELIZABETH L. EISENSTEIN, Clio and Chronos: Some Aspects of History-Book Time || abstract || JSTOR

SIEGFRIED KRACAUER, Time and History || abstract || JSTOR

Volume 5, Number 3, 1966 || Top


RICHARD L. BUSHMAN, On the Uses of Psychology: Conflict and Conciliation in Benjamin Franklin || abstract || JSTOR

KLAUS EPSTEIN, Stein in German Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE H. NADEL, History as Psychology in Francis Bacon's Theory of History || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN LANGE, The Argument from Silence || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN C. RULE and RALPH D. HANDEN, Bibliography of Works on Carl Lotus Becker and Charles Austin Beard, 1945-1963 (no abstract) || JSTOR

Review Essays:

A. COBBAN, The Social Interpretation of the French Revolution (Crane Brinton) || JSTOR

WERNER J. CAHNMAN and ALVIN BOSKOFF, eds., Sociology and History: Theory and Research (George Lichtheim) || JSTOR

FRANK E. MANUEL, Shapes of Philosophical History (Bruce Mazlish) || JSTOR

S. C. SEN GUPTA, Shakespeare's Historical Plays (Owen Jenkins) || JSTOR

MUHSIN MADHI, Ibn Khaldûn's Philosophy of History (J. J. Saunders) || JSTOR

JAN VANSINA, Oral Tradition: A Study in Historical Methodology (Francis West) || JSTOR

S. G. F. BRANDON, History, Time and Deity (Frederick Sontag) || JSTOR

Volume 5, Number 2, 1966 || Top


HAYDEN V. WHITE, The Burden of History || abstract || JSTOR

PETER BURKE, A Survey of the Popularity of Ancient Historians, 1450-1700 || abstract || JSTOR

JACOB NEUSNER, The Religious Uses of History: Judaism in First-Century A.D. Palestine and Third-Century Babylonia || abstract || JSTOR

BURLEIGH TAYLOR WILKINS, Teleology in Kant's Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

WILLIAM H. DRAY, Philosophy of History (W. H. Walsh) || JSTOR

RAYMOND ARON, Main Currents in Sociological Thought: Volume I (Roland Robertson) || JSTOR

CHARLES TILLY, The Vendée (Alfred Cobban) || JSTOR

R. G. COLLINGWOOD, Essays in the Philosophy of History (Errol E. Harris) || JSTOR

FELIX GILBERT, Machiavelli and Guicciardini (De Lamar Jensen) || JSTOR

E. P. THOMPSON, The Making of the English Working Class (Neil J. Smelser) || JSTOR

JURGEN HERBST, The German Historical School in American Scholarship (Felix Gilbert) || JSTOR

DANIEL F. MCCALL, Africa in Time-Perspective (C. W. Newbury) || JSTOR


Volume 5, Number 1, 1966 || Top


A. D. MOMIGLIANO, Vico's Scienza Nuova: Roman "Bestioni" and Roman "Eroi" || abstract || JSTOR

LOUIS O. MINK, The Autonomy of Historical Understanding || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE HUPPERT, The Renaissance Background of Historicism || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

CHRISTOPHER HILL, Intellectual Origins of the English Revolution (H. R. Trevor-Roper) || JSTOR

FRANCES A. YATES, Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition (George Boas) || JSTOR


EDWARD N. SAVETH, ed., American History and the Social Sciences (Daniel H. Calhoun) || JSTOR

MILTON FRIEDMAN and ANNA JACOBSON SCHWARTZ, A Monetary History of the United States 1867-1960 (Paul H. Cootner) || JSTOR


BEIHEFT 5, 1965 || Top || To Themes Issues List

The Historiography of the History of Philosophy

JOHN PASSMORE, The Idea of a History of Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR

MAURICE MANDELBAUM, The History of Ideas, Intellectual History, and the History of Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR

W. H. WALSH, Hegel on the History of Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR

EUGENE KAMENKA, Marxism and the History of Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR

Volume 4, Number 3, 1965 || Top


M. I. FINLEY, Myth, Memory, and History || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM J. BOUWSMA, Three Types of Historiography in Post-Renaissance Italy || abstract || JSTOR

GIOVANNI GENTILE, Eighteenth-Century Historical Methodology: De Soria's Institutiones || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

SIDNEY HOOK, ed., Philosophy and History: A Symposium (Marvin Levich) || JSTOR

LOUIS GOTTSCHALK, ed., Generalization in the Writing of History (Patrick Gardiner) || JSTOR

BRUCE MAZLISH, ed., Psychoanalysis and History (Robert Jay Lifton) || JSTOR

GEORGE H. NADEL, ed., History and Theory, Vol. I, 1 to Vol. III, 2 (E. E. Pechuro) || JSTOR

W. B. GALLIE, Philosophy and the Historical Understanding (Paul L. Ward) || JSTOR

MYRON P. GILMORE, Humanists and Jurists: Six Studies in the Renaissance (Julian H. Franklin) || JSTOR

JAMES T. BOULTON, The Language of Politics (Raymond Williams) || JSTOR

PHILIP D. CURTIN, The Image of Africa: British Ideas and Action (L. P. Curtis, Jr.) || JSTOR


Volume 4, Number 2, 1965 || Top


HARRY ECKSTEIN, On the Etiology of Internal Wars || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE LICHTHEIM, The Concept of Ideology || abstract || JSTOR

PETER BERGER and STANLEY PULLBERG, Reification and the Sociological Critique of Consciousness || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN C. RULE and BARBARA STEVENS CROSBY, Bibliography of Works on Arnold J. Toynbee, 1946-1960 (no abstract) || JSTOR

G. G. S. MURPHY, Sir Isaiah Berlin on the Concept of Scientific History: A Comment || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ALAN DONAGAN, The Later Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood (Hayden V. White) || JSTOR

HANNAH ARENDT, On Revolution (E. J. Hobsbawm) || JSTOR

ALFRED STERN, Philosophy of History and the Problem of Values (Henry M. Pachter) || JSTOR

NEIL J. SMELSER, Theory of Collective Behavior (Bernard Barber) || JSTOR

CARROLL QUIGLEY, The Evolution of Civilizations and FELIKS KONECZNY, On the Plurality of Civilisations (Jean Floud) || JSTOR

H. C. RICHARDSON and G. O. SAYLES, The Governance of Mediaeval England (Richard T. Vann) || JSTOR


Volume 4, Number 1, 1964 || Top


ALAN DONAGAN, Historical Explanation: The Popper-Hempel Theory Reconsidered || abstract || JSTOR

OTHMAR F. ANDERLE, A Plea for Theoretical History || abstract || JSTOR

GERSHON WEILER, Fritz Mauthner as an Historian || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

B. A. GRUSHIN, Ocherki logiki istoricheskogo issledovaniia (Marin Pundeff) || JSTOR

FRIEDRICH MEINECKE, Ausgewählter Briefwechsel (Klaus Epstein) || JSTOR

JULIAN H. FRANKLIN, Jean Bodin and the Sixteenth-Century Revolution in the Methodology of Law and History (Constance I. Smith) || JSTOR

PAUL WEISS, History, Written and Lived (Charles Frankel) || JSTOR

PIETER GEYL, Encounters in History (William Bark) || JSTOR

H. P. R. FINBERG, ed., Approaches to History (Peter Stansky) || JSTOR

A. L. KROEBER and CLYDE KLUCKHOHN, Culture: A Critical Review of Concepts and Definition (Arnold Toynbee) || JSTOR


BEIHEFT 4, 1964 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Craig's Rules of Historical Evidence, from Johannis Craig: Theologiae Christianae Principia Mathematica || abstract || access this issue on JSTOR

BEIHEFT 3, 1964 || Top

Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History, 1958-1961 || access Bibliography on JSTOR

Supplement to Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1945-1957 || access Supplement on JSTOR || No abstracts


Volume 3, Number 3, 1964 || Top


GEORGE H. NADEL, Philosophy of History before Historicism || abstract || JSTOR

HELEN LIEBEL, Philosophical Idealism in the Historische Zeitschrift, 1859-1914 || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN BROOKE, Namier and Namierism || abstract || JSTOR

OTTO B. VAN DER SPRENKEL, Max Weber on China || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

DAVID MCCLELLAND, The Achieving Society (M. Brewster Smith) || JSTOR

GIUSEPPE GIARIZZO, David Hume, Politico e storico (H. R. Trevor-Roper) || JSTOR

EMIL L. FACKENHEIM, Metaphysics and Historicity, The Aquinas Lecture (Sidney Hook) || JSTOR

PIETRO ROSSI, Storia e Storicismo nella Filosofia Contemporanea (Igor S. Kon) || JSTOR


Volume 3, Number 2, 1963 || Top


W. B. GALLIE, The Historical Understanding || abstract || JSTOR

VERNON K. DIBBLE, Four Types of Inference from Documents to Events || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE LICHTHEIM, Sartre, Marxism, and History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MARC BLOCH, Feudal Society (L. Walker) || JSTOR

F. SMITH FUSSNER, The Historical Revolution (George H. Nadel) || JSTOR

LEE BENSON, Turner and Beard (Burleigh Wilkins) || JSTOR

ROBERT SHACKLETON, Montesquieu (Melvin Richter) || JSTOR

THEODOR SCHIEDER, Begegnungen mit der Geschichte (W. M. Simon) || JSTOR

LOUIS HOROWITZ, Radicalism and the Revolt Against Reason (A. B. Spitzer) || JSTOR

S. WILLIAM HALPERIN, ed., Some 20th-Century Historians (Nelly S. Hoyt) || JSTOR

Volume 3, Number 1, 1963 || Top

Symposium: Uses of Theory in the Study of History


HEINZ LUBASZ, Introduction (no abstract) || JSTOR

SAMUEL H. BEER, Causal Explanation and Imaginative Re-enactment || abstract || JSTOR

CHARLES TILLY, The Analysis of a Counter-Revolution || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL WALZER, Puritanism as a Revolutionary Ideology || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM N. CHAMBERS, Party Development and Party Action: The American Origins || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

J. H. HEXTER, Reappraisals in History (J. G. A. Pocock) || JSTOR

E. H. CARR, What is History? (Jacob M. Price) || JSTOR

BEIHEFT 2, 1963 || Top || To Themes Issues List

JOSEPH AGASSI, Towards an Historiography of Science abstract

The Inductivist Philosophy || JSTOR

The Ritualistic Function of Inductive Histories of Science || JSTOR

The Standard Problems of the Inductivist Historian || JSTOR

History of Science-As it is and as it Ought to be || JSTOR

The Inductivist Techniques || JSTOR

Ampere's Discovery || JSTOR

The Broad Outline of the History of Science || JSTOR

The Rise of the Conventionalist Philosophy || JSTOR

The Continuity Theory and the Emergence Technique || JSTOR

The Cancerous Growth of Continuity || JSTOR

The Comparative Method || JSTOR

Priestley's Dissent || JSTOR

The Advantage of Avoiding being Wise after the Event || JSTOR

The Difficulty of Avoiding being Wise after the Event || JSTOR

The Obstacles on the Way to a New Idea || JSTOR

Obstacles on the Way to a New Fact || JSTOR

Oersted's Discovery || JSTOR

Historical Explanations || JSTOR

Notes || JSTOR


Volume 2, Number 3, 1963 || Top


PIETER GEYL, Huizinga as Accuser of His Age || abstract || JSTOR

W. VON LEYDEN, History and the Concept of Relative Time || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HANNAH ARENDT, Between Past and Future (Judith N. Shklar) || JSTOR

EDMUNDO O'GORMAN, La Idea del Descubrimiento de América, História de esa Interpretacion y Critica de Sus Fundamentos (S. E. Morison) || JSTOR

LEWIS MUMFORD, The City in History: Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects (Asa Briggs) || JSTOR

ARNOLD J. TOYNBEE, A Study of History (Kenneth E. Bock) || JSTOR

ERICH FROMM, Marx's Concept of Man and ROBERT TUCKER, Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx (Adam Schaff) || JSTOR

JEAN SIRINELLI, Les vues historiques d'Eusèbe de Césarée (Jacqueline de Romilly) || JSTOR

JOSEPH VOGT, Wege zum historischen Universum (Wolfgang J. Mommsen) || JSTOR


Volume 2, Number 2, 1962 || Top


JOHN PASSMORE, Explanation in Everyday Life, in Science, and in History || abstract || JSTOR

JAMES WILLIAM JOHNSON, Chronological Writing: Its Concepts and Development || abstract || JSTOR

ARTHUR C. DANTO, Narrative Sentences || abstract || JSTOR

WALTER D. LOVE, Edmund Burke and an Irish Historiographical Controversy || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JEAN-FRANÇOIS SUTER, Philosophie et Histoire chez Wilhelm Dilthey (Henri-Irénée Marrou) || JSTOR

KARL LÖWITH, Gesammelte Abhandlungen (Heinz Lubasz) || JSTOR

DAVID LEVIN, History as Romantic Art: Bancroft, Prescott, Motley, and Parkman and HARVEY WISH, The American Historian: A Social-Intellectual History of the Writings of the American Past (William R. Taylor) || JSTOR

TOM F. DRIVER, The Sense of History in Greek and Shakespearean Drama (Robert E. MacMaster) || access this article on JSTOR


Volume 2, Number 1, 1962 || Top


W. H. WALSH, Plato and the Philosophy of History: History and Theory in the Republic || abstract || JSTOR

GEORG G. IGGERS, The Image of Ranke in American and German Historical Thought || abstract || JSTOR

MARVIN LEVICH, Disagreement and Controversy in History || abstract || JSTOR

JEAN GAULMIER, Volney et ses Leçons d'Histoire || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ERNST CASSIRER, The Logic of the Humanities (John Herman Randall, Jr.) || JSTOR

QUENTIN GIBSON, The Logic of Social Enquiry (Peter Winch) || JSTOR

RICHARD W. STERLING, Ethics in a World of Power: The Political Ideas of Friedrich Meinecke (Klaus Epstein) || JSTOR

GERARDO LEISERSOHN BAENDEL, Estructura y Sentido de la Historia: Según la Literatura Apocaliptica; LEÓN DUJOVNE, La Filosofía de la Historia, de Nietzsche a Toynbee; and CARLOS M. RAMA, Teoría de la Historia: Introducción a los Estudios Históricos (Irving Louis Horowitz) || JSTOR

CHARLES H. GEORGE & KATHERINE GEORGE, The Protestant Mind of the English Reformation: 1570-1640 (Michael Walzer) || JSTOR

ROBERT M. MARSH, The Mandarins: The Circulation of Elites in China, 1600-1900 (George S. Rosenberg) || JSTOR


F. A. HAYEK, The Uses of 'Gresham's Law' as an Illustration in Historical Theory (no abstract) || JSTOR

BEIHEFT 1, 1961 || Top || To Themes Issues List


Compiled by John C. Rule || No abstracts || access Bibliography on JSTOR || access Index of Subjects on JSTOR || access Index of Names on JSTOR

Volume 1, Number 3, 1961 || Top


MAURICE MANDELBAUM, Historical Explanation: The Problem of "Covering Laws" || abstract || JSTOR

GABRIEL KOLKO, Max Weber on America: Theory and Evidence || abstract || JSTOR

GERHARD RITTER, Scientific History, Contemporary History, and Political Science || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

C. V. WEDGWOOD, Truth and Opinion: Historical Essays (David S. Berkowitz) || JSTOR

ERIK H. ERIKSON, Young Man Luther: A Study in Psychoanalysis and History (Donald B. Meyer) || JSTOR

FRITZ WAGNER, Moderne Geschichtsschreibung: Ausblick auf eine Philosophie der Geschichtswissenschaft (George H. Nadel) || JSTOR

NATHAN ROTENSTREICH, Between Past and Present (Ben Halpern) || JSTOR


Volume 1, Number 2, 1961 || Top


RAYMOND ARON, Thucydide et le récit des événements || abstract || JSTOR

BEN HALPERN, "Myth" and "Ideology" in Modem Usage || abstract || JSTOR

CAREY.B. JOYNT and NICHOLAS RESCHER, The Problem of Uniqueness in History || abstract || JSTOR

LEE BENSON, CUSHING STROUT, Causation and the American Civil War: Two Appraisals || abstract || JSTOR

JAMES FITZJAMES STEPHEN, The Study of History [1861] || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

FRANK E. MANUEL, The Eighteenth Century Confronts the Gods and HENRY VYVERBERG, Historical Pessimism in the French Enlightenment (R. V. Sampson) || JSTOR

SIR GEORGE OTTO TREVELYAN, The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay (John Clive) || JSTOR

CUSHING STROUT, The Pragmatic Revolt in American History: Carl Becker and Charles Beard (John C. Rule) || JSTOR

CARLO ANTONI, From History to Sociology: The Transition in German Historical Thought (Bruce Mazlish) || JSTOR


Volume 1, Number 1, 1960 || Top


ISAIAH BERLIN, History and Theory: The Concept of Scientific History || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM DRAY, Toynbee's Search for Historical Laws || abstract || JSTOR

ARTHUR LEE BURNS, International Theory and Historical Explanation || abstract || JSTOR

GERALD J. GRUMAN, "Balance" and "Excess" as Gibbon's Explanation of the Decline and Fall || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

M. C. D'ARCY, The Meaning and Matter of History (E. Harris Harbison) || JSTOR

PATRICK GARDINER, Theories of History (Hans Meyerhoff ) || JSTOR

REINHOLD NIEBUHR, The Structure of Nations and Empires (Crane Brinton) || JSTOR