William R. Pinch

Associate Editor of History and Theory

Professor of History, Wesleyan University


William Pinch received his BA and PhD from the University of Virginia.

He is the author of Peasants and Monks in British India (1996) and Warrior Ascetics and Indian Empires (2006).  He edited Speaking of Peasants: Essays in Indian History and Politics in Honor of Walter Hauser (2008); and co-edited History and Theory in a Global Frame (2015) with Ethan Kleinberg.  His current research interests are in the interplay of micro-history and global history, with a particular focus on the mutiny-rebellion of 1857.  He is also collaborating on a translation of two long 18th-century Brajbhasha poems from Bundelkhand, with an eye toward both their historical content and historiographical significance.

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