Philip Pomper

Consulting Editor of History and Theory

William F. Armstrong Professor and Professor of History, Emeritus, Wesleyan University

Professor Pomper received his BA (1959), MA (1961), and PhD (1965) from the University of Chicago.

Professor Pomper applies psychology to history. His books include: The Russian Revolutionary Intelligentsia (New York, 1970; 2d ed 1993); Peter Lavrov and the Russian Revolutionary Movement (Chicago, 1972); Sergei Nechaev (New Brunswick, NJ,1979), The Structure of Mind in History (New York, 1985); editor and translator, Trotsky's Notebooks on Lenin, Dialectics, and Evolutionism, 1933-35 (New York, 1986); Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin: The Intelligentsia and Power (New York, 1990; paperback ed. 1991); co-editor of World History: Ideologies, Structures, and Identities (Oxford, 1998); co-editor of History and Theory: Contemporary Readings (Oxford, 1998); co-editor of The Return of Science: Evolution, History and Theory (Lanham, MD, 2002); Lenin's Brother: The Origins of the October Revolution (New York, 2010).

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