In an increasingly interdependent world, understanding of other societies is an essential aspect of one's education; through the opportunity to study in another country, culture, and language, Wesleyan offers its students access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can enrich the personal, academic, and professional lives of participants.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to enrich one's understanding of history. Studying abroad can launch a thesis project, provide opportunities to study a country’s history in their own language, and start a cross-cultural dialogue about the importance of history--all on top of being a once-in-a-lifetime fun experience!

All history majors must take Historiography, offered only in the Fall. It is strongly recommended that majors take this class as juniors in order to build the foundations for their Senior research projects. For this reason most History majors study abroad in the Spring of their Junior year. While possible to take Historiography your senior year, it is important to consult your advisor and plan ahead to make studying abroad a part of your experience as a History major!

“In the spring of my Junior year, I studied abroad in Canberra, Australia at Australian National University. I chose ANU because I was very interested in going to Australia, and it has the best programs and opportunities in History and Government, as it is located in the capital. While at ANU, I studied Australian foreign policy, Australian Indigenous history, comparative politics of the island nations of oceania, and film representations of classical civilizations. In addition to my courses, living in Canberra afforded me the opportunity to meet Australian public officials and foreign dignitaries. My study abroad experience was not limited to Canberra; I also travelled extensively around Australia, experiencing its vast natural and cultural diversity.” Cassie Garvin, ‘14

“I studied abroad during the Spring 2013 semester on the Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris, France. While I was there, I took four courses: The French Revolution, Paris and its Facets, Gender in Social Context, and Sociology of the Family. For the class on the French Revolution I was able to receive one credit toward my history major. I strongly encourage majors to go abroad and study history – learning about the past through the lens of a different culture is an incredibly enriching experience!” -Kelly Toy, ‘14

Office of Study Abroad