Equity & Inclusion

  • Title VII/IX - Harassment Prevention Training

    This program provides training and education related to harassment awareness and prevention as required by Connecticut law. In addition, it provides information on discriminatory harassment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities receiving Federal financial assistance.  Finally, the program provides conversation about fostering a respectful and inclusive campus environment. Read More

    Session capacity: 8 - 35

    Facilitators: Debbie Colucci

    Target Audience: New Staff and Faculty

    Session dates:

    • None available at this time. 
  • Understanding Implicit Bias

    How can someone’s race, gender, age and other characteristics influence the way we see and treat them? Even when we genuinely try to be unbiased, our ‘hidden brain’ may cause us to act otherwise. Understanding what implicit bias is and how it impacts our decisions is key to fostering more inclusive and productive workplace.

    This workshop focuses on the implicit attitudes or stereotypes that shape how we engage others and make decisions in the workplace. Through a mix of short presentations, lively activities, and discussions, we will explore some harmful side effects of how our brains naturally perceive, categorize, and draw inferences about the world, including other people. We will also examine when this kind of bias is most likely to occur. We will talk about practical steps we can all take to try to reduce or eliminate the influence of bias in our daily interactions.

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    In preparation for this module, participants are asked to take at LEAST TWO (2) of the 15 Implicit Association Tests (IATs) from the link below. They are meant to be done quickly, and should only take about five minutes each. The IAT’s can be found here. Although the surveys do ask for your profile information, submitting this information is optional.

    Session capacity: 8 - 32

    Facilitators: Alison Williams

    Target Audience: All Employees

    Session dates:

    • None available at this time.