Facilities for the IDEAS program are spread out over two areas; The Digital Design Studio in the Davison Art Center and the IDEAS LAB makerspace in the basement of Exley Science Center. 


Completed in Fall semester of 2019, the makerspace was designed and built as a support resource for IDEAS related classes. In Fall of 2021, we opened our doors to the wider Wesleyan community. While most weekdays and evenings are reserved for exclusive class use, community makers are welcome on Fridays and Saturdays. Training and workshops are scheduled throughout the semester. Information will be distributed as it becomes available.

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The following list is an overview of the maker equipment we have in the IDEAS LAB. This is in addition to a full complement of hand and power tools. For further details, please click the link to download a copy of the Shop Intro and Safety Manual

2 Epilog Helix Laser Engravers Bed size 24”x18”. One 75W, the other 80W. A rotary attachment is available for cylindrical objects. Cuts medium and light density materials such as acrylic, wood, paper, cardboard. Can engrave glass, stone, anodized aluminum, painted steel. 

6 Ultimaker 3 3D Printers FDM extrusion. Four with 8.5”x8.5”x11.8” extended build platform. We’ve had most success with PLA and TPU filaments, most trouble with ABS. PVA supports are preferred. 

1 FlashForge Creator MAX Dual Extrusion. 9.1"x5,9"x5.9". Reserved for ABS prints.

ProtoMAX Waterjet Cutter Bed size 12”x12”. Max Z height 1”. 30,000psi at nozzle. For cutting dense, resistant materials such as steel, aluminum, tile, carbon fiber, stone, brass. Training available via appointment.

Axiom Precision CNC Router Three axis. Bed size 24”x48”. Max Z height 6”. Water-cooled 1.5HP electrospindle. Ball-screw drive. For thicker, medium-density materials that can’t be cut via laser, including wood, plastic, MDF, extruded nylon, polycarbonate, and acrylic. Relief carvings from 3D files possible. Training through workshops scheduled throughout the semester.

Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill Four axis. Work envelope 18”x9.5”x16.25”. 1100W 1.5HP spindle. PathPilot control. For high-density materials that need rigid tooling and flood coolant. Steel, aluminum, brass, iron, titanium. Training through workshops scheduled throughout the semester.

Formech 450DT Vacuum Former Forming area 11”x17” w/ 7” draw depth. For making relief molds of solid objects. Works well in tandem with router for creating multiples. Training available via appointment.

Roland GS-24 CAMM-1 Vinyl Cutter Work area 24”x985”. For contour cutting of adhesive viny sheet, films, heat transfer material, acid resist masks.

Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe Work area 7”x12”. 1/3 HP. Variable speed, 2500 RPM maximum. 3” 3-jaw chuck.

2 Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machines For working with fabric and other woven materials. Capable of sewing denim and lighter grades of leather. Multiple stitch patterns for elastics.

Wabeco F1200 Manual 3-Axis Mill 1.4KW motor. Adjustable spindle speeds from 130-3000
RPM. Cutting head rotates from 0°-90° CW and CCW. Precise to .0004”

Shop Intro and Safety Manual


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