Family Visit Procedures

At certain times of your stay at Wesleyan, you will want to have your family members, parents, siblings, spouses, children visit you here on campus.  As a service to you, your DSO will provide you with the appropriate letter to send to your family members.

This letter of invitation to visit should be accompanied by a copy of your SEVIS I-20.  If you are an undergraduate, both of these items will be sent for you to your family member.  If you are a graduate student, you have the responsibility to send these items to your family members. 

Your family members should bring these items along with any other documents that might be needed to the United States Consular Office in your home country.

Please complete the Family Visit Request Letter Form and submit to your DSO accompanied by your most recent SEVIS 1-20.

Family Visit Form (undergrad)  |  Family Visit Form (graduate)