Edgar Beckham Social Justice Award Ceremony

Dean Edgar Beckham was a national leader for efforts to increase racial and cultural diversity on college campuses. He was the first African-American Dean of the College at Wesleyan University. He led the Ford Foundation's Campus Diversity Initiative in the 1990's and in 1998, he joined the Association of American Colleges and Universities as a senior fellow, consulting universities on matters of educational quality.

The Edgar Beckham Social Justice Award Ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 5 P.M. For more information please contact relidrissi_at_wesleyan.edu.

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  • Committee Members

    Evelyn Kim '16, Chair
    Tedra James '18
    Rajaa Elidrissi '16
    Khalilah Lushiku '16
    Khephren Spigner '18
    Adriana  Brau-Diaz '16
    Gregory Bernard (Rep: Alumni and Parent Relations)
    Persephone Hall (Wes Career Center)
    Bulaong Ramiz (Student Activities & Leadership Development)
    Elisa Cardona (Student Activities & Leadership Development)
    Renee Johnson-Thornton (Equity & Inclusion Office)

  • Prior Recipients


    Excellence in Science - LaNell Williams '15
    Excellence in Arts- Monique Siaw '16
    Campus Inspiration- Alton Wang '15
    Academic Excellence- Christian Hosam '15
    Athletics- Rebecca Wrinkler '16
    Foot in the door- Hailey Broughton-Jones '18
    Senior Legacy Award- Dreisen Heath '15

    Faculty/Staff Awards

    Greg Bernard
    Ann Wightman
    Andrea Kelly
    James Donady
    Krishna Winston

    Alumni Award

    Miguel Guadalupe '98

    Community Award

    Jon Romeo


    Excellence in Science - LaNell Williams '15

    Excellence in the Arts - Yiyang Wang '15

    Excellence in Athletics - Angela Slevin '15

    Academic Excellence Award - Elsa Hardy '14

    Foot in the Door Award - Sadasia McCutchen '17

    Senior Legacy Award - Oladoyin Oladapo '14

    Campus Inspiration Award - Ari Ebstein '16, Sarah Mahurin (Faculty)

    Faculty/Staff Awards

    Gina Ulysse

    Suzanne O'Connell

    Lois Brown

    Renee Johnson-Thornton


    Dorisol Inoa ’13

    Evan Okun ’13

    Chantaneice Kitt ’13

    James Gardner ’13

    Syed Ali ’13

    Malik Ben-Salahuddin ’13

    Roselee Mohika ’13

    Hira Jafri ’13

    Oladoyin Oladapo ’14

    Jalen Alexander ’14

    Christian Hosam ’15

    Michael Leung ’15

    Nkosi Archibald ’16

    Alton Wang ’16

    Faculty/Staff Awards

    Robert Steele

    Lisa Dierker

    Persephone Hall

    Sarah Mahurin

    Elizabeth McAlister

    Renee Johnson-Thornton

    Elisa Cardona

    Indira Karamcheti

    Matthew Kurtz

    Sarah Carney

    Helen Treloar

    Stacy Fambro

    Sonia Manjon