Doris Zhao joined the Investments Office in 2013 after she graduated from Yale College with a Bachelor of Arts in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. She is a CFA charterholder.

What do you love about Wesleyan?

Two things –

  1. Focus on the arts. I didn’t grow up surrounded by the arts, so I love that there’s always some new show, play or concert going on, and that the events are tremendously diverse. Even a passerby on campus can’t help but be drawn to something after walking by any bulletin board. I usually like to stop by the Zilkha Gallery to see the senior thesis exhibits at the end of the year, and the Gamelan ensemble is always fantastic.
  2. Open-minded learning. Wesleyan’s overall culture is unabashedly liberal, yet not stifling for other points of view. I find it refreshing that people can be so passionate about their own beliefs, but still remain willing and open to discuss stances that they don’t agree with. It is worthwhile to appreciate and preserve this mindset.

What inspires you/what do you care about?

Traveling and lifelong learning. My family moved around quite a bit when I was in school, so I’ve never really had a “home base” so to speak. I made my home wherever I landed next, and looking back, I’m incredibly thankful for that experience. I’ve carried with me a desire to constantly experience new sights, new cultures and new ways of thinking. Not only is broadening your horizons (understanding that 3,000 miles away, people are so different yet so like you) incredibly valuable, so is the extra gratefulness when you come back for all the little things at home that you might otherwise take for granted.

What do you do for fun?

Switching up what I like to do for fun. Eating out at a new restaurant, hiking, running, opening a new book, going to see a play / opera / concert, etc. are all good regular weekend options. Outside of those, my motto is I’ll try anything at least once.